$43m Ikoyi Saga: Resign Now, Rivers APC Tells Wike


BY AMOS DUNIA, ABUJA – The Rivers State Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Friday called on Governor Nyesom Wike to resign from office for constituting himself into a nuisance and for belittling the high office that he occupies.
The Rivers APC in a statement made available to Forefront, further berated Wike for failing to keep his vow to sue the Federal Government if it failed to return the $43m found in Osborne Apartment, Ikoyi – Lagos to the Rivers State Government within one week.
The party noted that Wike had claimed that the money belonged to the Rivers State Government and was part of the funds allegedly looted by his immediate past predecessor and current Minister of Transportation, Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

The Rivers APC statement signed by the State Chairman, Chief Davies Ibiamu Ikanya said it is now over two weeks since Governor Wike issued the seven-day ultimatum to the Federal Government to return the money to the Rivers State Government or be sued accordingly. According to Ikanya: “Governor Wike had claimed that he has records, documents and facts to prove that the contentious $43m was kept by Amaechi. Apart from Rt. Hon. Amaechi vehemently denying the accusation as one from the pit of hell; it is on record that Mr. Abayomi Oke, the suspended Director General of the National Intelligence Agency, has claimed ownership of the money, thereby exonerating Amaechi.

“Wike’s failure to sue the Federal Government as he vowed to do is the height of his shameful theatrics and repulsive actions that have brought shame and public odium to Rivers State and her people.
“We, therefore, demand without equivocation, the immediate resignation of Wike as the Governor so as to save the good people of Rivers State further embarrassment.”
The APC said it knew from the beginning that Wike is an alarmist whose single agenda since he assumed office as the Governor of Rivers State is to destroy Amaechi by any means.

Ikanya further said; “Here is somebody whose tenure as Governor has brought untold hardship to our people! Worst of all is the uncountable number of Rivers people who have been killed and are still being killed in order to sustain the evil administration of Wike in Rivers State.
“He has put the account of the State in the red through barefaced looting and the borrowing of over N100 billion from banks, without investing it in any tangible projects but using it to bribe judges and sponsoring worthless PDP Conventions without paying salaries of our civil servants and pensioners.
“What is more, Wike has abandoned our children on scholarship in foreign schools, stopped the free education scheme initiated by the government of Amaechi and committed sundry other atrocities that make him unworthy to be addressed as the Governor of any State in any part of this world.

“Such a character surely does not qualify to be a Local Government Chairman, not to talk of being a Governor of a State like Rivers, which he has turned to Rivers of Blood,” he enthused.

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