Clash In Kaduna Market Over Naming of Dogs As ‘Muhammad’, ‘Ibere’


A fight broke out among Igbo traders and their Hausa counterparts on Thursday at the popular spare part market in Panteka, Kaduna.
The brawl, according to eye witnesses ensued over the naming of two dogs, ‘Muhammad’ and ‘Ibere’ by both an Igbo trader and a Hausa trader respectively.
The Igbo trader, according to sources, had named his newly bought dog after the Hausa man who bears the same name as ‘Muhammad’ in retaliation.
An eyewitness, Aminu Ibrahim, recalled, “Trouble started when one Muhammad bought a dog and allegedly named it ‘Ibere’ after an Igbo trader. Since the boy named the dog after the trader, the trader had warned him on several occasions to rename the dog, but the owner of the dog Muhammad refused. The Igbo trader, Ibere also bought a dog and named it Muhammad; this is when all hell was let loose.”
To avoid escalation of the crisis, a detachment of police was drafted to the market to restore peace and normalcy. The market has since been closed down.

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