COPA Raises Concerns Over Poor Welfare Of Military At War Front


The Coalition of Public Interests Lawyers and Advocates (COPA) has expressed deep concern over the prevailing issue of poor salary and welfare for military men on the war front in Nigeria.

It noted that recent events, such as the viral video depicting a dedicated soldier struggling with inadequate financial resources, highlighted the urgency of addressing this matter.

COPA stressed that it was disheartening to witness a soldier, who has been valiantly fighting on behalf of the nation, facing challenges in accessing basic needs.

A statement by Pelumi Olajengbesi Esq. National Coordinator of COPA, stressed that the incident at the motor park, where a soldier was confronted with exorbitant transport costs, was emblematic of the broader problem.

According to COPA; “With a monthly salary of 50 thousand naira, it becomes evident that our brave soldiers are grappling with financial constraints that hinder their ability to fulfill personal and family obligations.

“COPA acknowledges the sacrifices made by the Nigerian Army in the ongoing battle against terrorism. However, we emphasize that sustaining this crucial engagement requires adequate remuneration for the men and women in uniform. “A soldier, entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the nation, should not be burdened by financial hardships that compromise their effectiveness on the field,” it said.

COPA which is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting justice, human rights, and the rule of law in Nigeria, called upon the Nigerian Army to prioritize the welfare of its personnel by ensuring that they receive competitive salaries and necessary allowances.

It also said that adequate arrangements must be made to facilitate soldiers’ travel, enabling them to reconnect with their families without undue financial strain.

In the words of COPA; “A well-compensated and motivated military is essential for the success and sustainability of the fight against terrorism. We encourage the Nigerian Army to remain steadfast in its commitment to countering terror on all fronts.

“However, we emphasize that true success in this endeavor can only be achieved when our soldiers are provided with the financial support they deserve,” it stressed.

COPA said that it is working tirelessly to address pressing issues affecting society and advocates for positive change through legal channels.

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