Endure Naira Scarcity, Go Out En Masse To Vote – Datti Begs Nigerians


BY SEGUN ADEBAYO – The Vice Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed, has pleaded with Nigerians to temporarily endure the untold hardship caused by Naira scarcity and vote for a new Nigeria come February 25, 2023.

Saying he clearly shares in the pains being experienced by the citizens, Datti said it is important that the people stand firm and ensure the unavailability of the new Naira notes does not deprive them of voting wisely for the Labour Party candidate, Peter Obi, in the forthcoming presidential election.

The Labour Party chief, who spoke at a media engagement in Abuja on Friday, pleaded with Nigerians to remain resolute in coming out en masse and against all odds to put an end to the circle of the challenges and sufferings in the country by their votes

He said Nigerians should hold the Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate Peter Obi and himself responsible if they failed to move Nigeria from consumption to a productive economy, adding that they should also hold them accountable if they failed to build a 21st-century economy propelled by technology.

According to him, the Labour Party administration would bear the full responsibility if they failed to build the required human capital and skill for the 21 first century economy.

Senator Baba-Ahmed further said; “Hold us responsible, if we fail to cut waste in government or drastically fight corruption which has permeated every segment and sector of our national life. We make these promises because of what we are offering Nigerians, leadership with character, competence, knowledge and compassion.

“Next Saturday, Nigerians will be expected to make the most important decision in the history of the country, a decision that will determine and shape the future of Nigeria.

“The past eight years have witnessed the most lamentable failures in terms of promises made for change. Even if you are angry with the country and the leadership because of the sufferings you are going through, take your anger to the polls and vote out those who have impoverished you through bad governance”.

He said Nigerians should not forget that the country is currently facing existential threats due to very poor quality leadership and irresponsible governance, noting that; “The good news is the arrival of LP and its most admired, remarkable and inspirational leader, Peter Obi who has changed the dynamics of Nigerian politics for good.

“He has mobilised Nigerians, giving them hope to believe that a new Nigeria devoid of bad leadership, insecurity, and corruption is possible.

“Also possible, is a country propelled by good governance and production to significantly improve the general well-being of the vast majority of Nigerians and guarantee their security and prosperity”.

Acknowledging that these Nigerians, the ‘Obidients’ have shown courage and desire to take back their country, Datti said; “They care very little about religion or ethnicity but a country that is inclusive, united and works for all.”

He said their supporters and that of the LP have invested energy and emotions because they could see their sincerity and commitment, stressing; “This is the stark difference between us and others and why we call on all Nigerians to troop out next Saturday and vote for LP.

“A vote for LP is a vote for a secure and progressive nation; it is a vote for unity and an appreciation that our diversity is a major strength which we must promote to our advantage”.

While calling on all Nigerians of goodwill, who care about the youths to come out en masse and vote for LP, Baba-Ahmed said their message is very simple and unambiguous, assuring that; “We shall stop the stealing and start the keeping. We shall stop the slide and start the climb of our economy. Vote for Labour Party for a New Nigeria”.

He said if conducted properly, the 2023 election holds the promise of the long-awaited secure, stable, and prosperous Nigeria, even as he challenged Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to be an impartial umpire and not frustrate the will of the people.

Datti also charged security agencies, the police, the military, the Department of State Services (DSS) and other uniformed officers to conduct themselves with utmost responsibility.

“To my dear Nigerians, you have the best opportunity to take back your country and usher in a new Nigeria. I urge you to troop out, vote LP and protect your right to a New Nigeria, let’s get it done”, the Vice Presidential candidate said. – With additional reports from NAN

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