How I Escaped From Terrorists That Abducted Us – Kaduna Student Who Fled From Abductors


…Says, they were treated like cows with no food, water

“We were treated like cows and made to walk a tortuous long distance in the bush without water or food until we became so exhausted, thirsty and unable to move again”.

That was part of the narration by Mustapha Abubakar, one of the students of Government Primary and secondary school, Kuriga community in Chikum Local Government Area of Kaduna State that narrowly escaped from the terrorists that abducted 287 of the students.

Last week Thursday, bandits invaded a primary and secondary school in Kuriga community in Chikun LGA of Kaduna in the morning and abducted 287 school children, including their teachers.

The young Abubakar, who said he is praying for God to touch the hearts of the terrorists to release the remaining students, added that he had to move into the bush away from the prying eyes of the terrorists and crawled in the bush to escape from the deadly group.

Mustapha Abubakar who stated these while narrating his brutal experience and narrow escape from the long walk to captivity to the BBC Hausa service on Monday, said he counted himself lucky to have escaped from the terrorists that showed no mercy even on children.

Speaking with BBC Hausa, on Monday, Abubakar said; “We were all thirsty; some of us were exhausted and even started falling. The bandits carried those that fell on their motorcycles.

“We later arrived at a place where there was a river and we quickly drank water from the river after which we were ordered to continue the walk to a destination we did not know,” he said.

Abubakar said they later saw a plane that was hovering and carrying out surveillance in the area but, the terrorists ordered us to lay flat on the ground for which we had to comply.

“The bandits also instructed us that whoever has two shirts should remove one and lie on the ground.

“Even the bandits too were tired. They did not have food with them. They were just plucking fruits from trees. They did not give us anything to eat.

“While we were walking, I saw a bushy place which had a similar colour with my trouser and I quickly hid there and started crawling like a snake.

“I spent some hours there waiting for the bandits to leave the area before I came out and started running.

Abubakar said he met an old man who was walking very slowly in the bush and pleaded with him to direct him to the nearest village, road or where he could find water, adding that he kept running, even when he was feeling dizzy.

“I did not stop running until I found myself in a community called Gayan”.

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