Kano Hisbah Boss, Sheikh Daurawa Quits, Accuses Gov Yusuf Of Interference

  • Outfit summons journalist over Murja’s sexual harassment allegation

Angry at being admonished to rein in his foot soldiers and rejig their modus operandi, the Commander General of Kano’s Hisbah Board, Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa, has called it quits with the religious Police top job.

Shiekh Daurawa is throwing in the towel over what many considered a direct response to Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s recent comments that the Hisbah board should promote Islamic values and ensure their actions align with ethical standards of respecting individual rights and enforcing morality.

The Hiabah Chief, who citing “discouragement” from Governor Yusuf, said this is despite relentless efforts to promote societal morality during his brief tenure as head of the religious police responsible for enforcing Shari’a on Muslims in Kano state and other parts of northern Nigeria.

Sheikh Daurawa, who was appointed by Governor Yusuf in 2023, claimed that he is feeling disheartened and unappreciated by the governor’s remarks.

In a viral video on social media, Daurawa expressed regrets at having to quit the top job and wished the governor well in his leadership going forward.

Forefront News recalled that in a recent engagement with Imams and other Islamic scholars in Kano State, Governor Yusuf spoke about the need to recalibrate the Hisbah Board’s modus operandi for effective service delivery.

Pointedly, the Governor expressed dissatisfaction with the Hisbah’s approach to arresting individuals accused of immorality by lumping men and women into trucks like animals.

Governor Yusuf told Muslim Clerics that it is important for the Hisbah board to promote Islamic values while ensuring that their actions align with ethical standards by respecting individual rights and enforcing morality.

In a related development, the Kano State Hisbah Board Department of Public Enlightenment has summoned the PRNigeria Manager, Adnan Mukhtar, over a story where a popular female Tik Toker in Kano State, Murja Ibrahim Kunya alleged Sexual harassment against Hisbah officials.

Adnan Mukhtar

Adnan, who is also the Bureau Chief of Politics Digest, a publication of PRNigeria, received a message from a Hisbah official on Thursday Morning but insisted on a formal invitation.

Murja Kunya

Accordingly, he got the following message as the reply: “You are kindly invited to Hisba Board on Monday after 2 pm. for discussion, pls”.

Politics Digest had reported Kunya’s allegations of sexual harassment against the Hisbah operatives in a viral video where she lamented how she and her friends campaigned vigorously for the victory of the gubernatorial candidate of NNPC, Abba Yusuf, to emerge as Governor of Kano State.

She further said; “Is what Hisbah in Kano is doing Okay like this? Allah S.W.T has listened to our parents and brothers’ cries to bring this government to power. Still, Daurawa operatives are doing everything to tarnish the image of this government with something called ‘Hisbah’.

“They went to Sarina Hotel and arrested young women and put them in their buses like bread as they were being taken to prison. Wallahi, I swear if Hisbah officials arrested women in the hotel, I would not lie against them on the issue of harassing the girls sexually.”

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