Factional LP To Tinubu, APC: It’s Irresponsible To Accuse Opposition Over Cause Of Hunger


A faction of the Labour Party (LP) led by Lamidi Apapa, has declared as irresponsible of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the All Progressives Congress (APC) to place the prevailing hunger, high cost of foods and other commodities in the country at the door step of opposition political parties.

This is as it warned President Tinubu to be conscious of the fact that if the issues are not properly and effectively addressed, the uprisings could snowball into uncontrollable dimensions.

National Publicity Secretary of the Apapa-led Labour Party, Dr. Abayomi Arabambi, who stated the position of the Party at a press conference in Abuja on Sunday, February 11, 2024, stressed the need for President Tinubu to go beyond rhetoric and put in place machinery to concretely fight corruption.

It also called on Tinubu to urgently sign an Executive Order approving capital punishment for corruption and other serious security issues, stressing that if the administration fails to tackle corruption headlong, it may lead to widespread unrest.

According to Arabambi; “The power to save our nation lies in the hands of Nigerians, and we must act now to secure a better future for all. Nigeria is confronted with pressing challenges, notably the looming spectre of hunger and recent revelations about financial misappropriations. If these are not properly managed, it could escalate to what we don’t imagine. Hunger is on the land; we all know.”

The LP further said that urgent attention is needed to avert further escalation, stressing that the time has come for the implementation of capital punishment for corruption through Executive Order to be signed by the President to put a stop to the unholy activities of a few in impoverishing the majority of Nigerians.

The opposition Party said if there is capital punishment for these crimes through executive order, maybe Nigeria will shape up and those in position of authority will stop stealing the nation’s hard earned money.

It further said; “Those who collected government money and failed to execute the projects should be executed. President Tinubu must stop this endemic corruption. Nigerians are hungry and so many have died for lack of food and many more are committing suicide daily.

“The kidnappers who are raping school children and threatening to marry them off – should be fished out and executed. They have nothing to do in the police cells. If anyone, bandit, kidnappers and economic saboteurs engaged the police or the military in a gun duel, such people cannot be presumed innocent once caught and arrested but should be killed via execution,” LP said.

Arabambi also said that anyone caught stealing the country’s crude oil should be bombed and killed inside such vessels as economy terrorists and saboteur.

The LP explained that the rising tide of corruption, kidnappings and threats to schoolchildren necessitates its recommending of the stringent measures, adding that kidnappers and corrupt individuals arrested should face immediate consequences including capital punishment.

The LP said that the APC should wake up from its slumber to assist President Tinubu to focus on addressing the challenges bedevilling the nation as against shying away from its responsibility.

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