Nigeria’s Democracy On Cliffhanger – Bishop Adeleye Warns


BY UBON EKANEM, CALABAR – The Niger Delta Diocese of Anglican Communion has alerted Nigerians that recent happenings in the country pose serious threat to the nation’s hard-earned democracy and urgent steps must be taken to halt the looming danger in the polity.

Arch Bishop-elect of Niger Delta Diocese, Anglican Communion, Bishop Tunde Adeleye said events in the country are quite disturbing and point in the direction of impending disaster for democracy.

The clergy it is unfortunate that incessant killings of innocent Nigerians and other dastardly acts are indicators that Nigeria is on a free fall towards the precipice and only sincerity and forthrightness on the part of government and Nigerians can address the distressing drift.

Bishop Adeleye, who is also the Chairman, Christian Council of Nigeria (CCN), Niger Delta Block, listed the indices that portend danger signals for Nigeria’s fragile democracy as the rampaging activities of killer herdsmen all  over the country; corruption in high places; and dishonest follower-ship by the populace.

He also identified other challenges to include marginalisation of the minority ethnic groups even when they are the proverbial hen that lays the golden egg; deliberate promotion of suffering and poverty by the ruling class against the downtrodden as well as unrestrained negation of the national character principle as enshrined in our statute books among others.

The Bishop Adeleye, who currently presides over the Calabar Diocese of Anglican Communion, said Nigeria’s founding fathers like Sir Ahmadu Bello, Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe would be turning in their graves over current happenings, even as he prayed that the God would re-direct the consciousness of Nigerians towards the path of righteousness, fairness, peace, and patriotic ideals.

In proffering solutions to Nigeria’s teething problems, the Archbishop-elect urged the ruling class to return the country to the path of greatness through the practice of true federalism, restructuring based on resource control and the observance of the rule of law principle.

The clergy however praised the Nigerian media for their steadfastness in maintaining focus and ensuring that democracy thrives, assuring that the church would not relent in pursuing its biblical obligation of fasting and praying for the well being of the country

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