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Since the purpose of any government is primarily to deliver on services for the enhancement and preservation of the standard of living of its people within its jurisdiction, the Katsina State Government under Governor Aminu Bello Masari, the government has committed itself to the execution of various economic empowerment projects, efficient management of state’s resources, public enlightenment and good public administration. Our Editor-At-Large for North-west, IBRAHIM SALISU, who was in Katsina, recently takes a stock of governance in the state.

With the ultimate goal of having a united, peaceful and productive people in a state that offers its people various opportunities to utilize their talents, the Aminu Bello Masari-led administration has put in place far-reaching measures that will gradually address the challenges of hunger, disease, ignorance, idleness and destitution, in order to avoid further slide into misery, disease, and illiteracy which are obviously the consequences of poverty and illiteracy.
The vision
Masari, who is the Governor of Katsina State, is described as a shrewd and an astute politician. He won the governorship seat of Katsina State in 2015 on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) by defeating his opponent, Engr. Musa Nashuni of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), who was the anointed candidate of former Governor Ibrahim Shema. As governor, Aminu Masari is quoted to have said, “We are in government to lay a solid foundation for generations to come and not to play politics with their lives”.
Masari isn’t like a dead leaf in the wind, but a principled and committed politician who has a target in life. He hates selfish or corrupt politicians who expect a lackey subservient and gullible personality. It is, therefore, not surprising to note that the bond between Aminu Masari and the people of Katsina State is to ensure the restoration of the state’s lost glory, through honest management of state resources and political accountability in order to achieve better governance through a set of carefully packaged policies, and programmes. As a leader with a robust heart and tremendous humanism, Masari holds the view that except the state has social inclusion, it stands the danger of implosion.
Potentials of the State:
Katsina State is endowed with agriculture, mineral resources and tourism. With an estimated population of over six million people and blessed with abundant natural and human resources, the State has a vast arable land, good weather condition and water. It was carved out of old Kaduna State and is made up of two emirates, namely Katsina and Daura Emirates. It is bounded to the East by Kano State, to the West by Sokoto State, to the South by Kaduna State and to the North by Niger Republic. It also has considerable resource endowment to harness its economic potential and; to stem further the slide into poverty by optimizing its huge economic potential through the growth of real sectors of the economy.
As an emerging economy, the transformation of the state’s abundant natural and human resources is focused on proper harnessing of existing resources and public reorientation towards achieving the set objective. It is vibrant and forward looking, with the current administration using abundant human talent, skills and resources to end its present weak economy as far reaching measures were put in place to tap from new technologies and the abundant human resources.

The Emerging Boom
The state is emerging from doom to economic boom, owing to the far-reaching measures introduced by the Masari administration. The journey of Katsina becoming the center of commercial excellence is not an easy task as it is full of challenges requiring fresh ideas that are ambitious in nature.
Some of the key areas towards achieving these goals include Power, Transport, Waste Management, and Public Service sectors, in addition to closing housing deficit in the state, through massive provision of low cost and sustainable housing projects.
Towards this end, the Masari-led administration has already rolled out plans for the execution of various development projects across the state, working hard to making history in the next four years through effective governance and Public Private Partnership windows. This is just as the administration is moving up the state’s ladder of public service and productivity through various sectors.

The Way Forward
In order to unlock Katsina State’s business environment, the Masari-led administration has realized that wealth and knowledge reside in the people’s domain and not in government. This is an incontestable global axiom, the philosophy of which the state governor has planned to key into. That perhaps informed the resolve of his administration to equip the people with relevant knowledge and skills in order to generate wealth and ensure development, build standard infrastructure; develop human capital; empower people to have access to basic services, fair and equitable distribution of resources, minimize incidence of poverty and expand resource base.

Meeting The Future
Through established institutions, the Masari-led administration has taken far reaching measures to redefine and reintegrate Katsina State economic development process; set a process to come up with a new generation of entrepreneurs; reinvent the state to the status of Centre of Commerce. This is in addition to scaling up the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) through public awareness, taxation and practical economic activities with a view to transform the state’s economy into a knowledge-based economy, as well as eradicate existing negative values that promotes dependency, poor enterprise spirit, paucity of creativity and idleness but to establish structures to support Waste-to-Wealth Initiatives; collaborate with NGOs, CBOs, and CSOs to create wealth and job opportunities for youths and women.

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