Why I Turned Down DNA Test For Our Son, Late Mohbad’s Spouse Explains


…Affirms maternal rights over son

Wunmi, spouse of the late singer Mohbad, has declared that in spite of the severe pressure and skepticism she is facing from external parties, she remained determined and resolute in her stance.

This was as she asserted her maternal instincts and unwavering bond with her son and therefore strongly objected to suggestions and possible demands for a DNA test to be conducted on her son, Liam.

The young Wunmi in an audio interview trending online, stressed her strong belief that her son, Liam is her biological child and determined to play her role as the sole parent who bore him.

In the interview, Wunmi Speaking fervently said that her marital status with Mohbad was not in question thus referred to him as her husband until his passing.

Wunmi said that she and the late Mohbad, had intimate relationship, stressing he was the only man she had been with adding that he deflowered her.

Defending her maternal rights, Wunmi stressed that she alone had the authority to decide whether a DNA test would be conducted on her son whom she said she birthed for Mohbad and no one else.

Commenting on those advocating for the DNA test, Wunmi asserted her right to autonomy thus, rejected their interference in what she described as strictly “family affairs”, stressing that Mohbad never raised any issue whatsoever over the paternity of her son, Liam.

Wunmi also stressed her determination to protect Liam from any undue scrutiny or doubt surrounding his paternity, emphasising her commitment to ensuring his well-being and resilience in the face of adversity.

She expressed gratitude for the support she had so far received from some concerned individuals whom, she noted understood her plight with regards to the DNA test for her son and stood by her during this challenging time following the death of her late heartthrob, Mohbad.

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