Bauchi Governorship Not On My Mind Now – Dogara


BY AMOS DUNIA, ABUJA – Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Yakubu Dogara, has declared that being governor of Bauchi State is not on his agenda at all, saying that he would not fight because he wants to be somebody. He however said that what he is trying to do now is to perhaps lead a struggle for good governance in that state.
Dogara said this can be attested to by the people in his constituency, particularly former governor of Bauchi State, Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu, who was one of those that dragged him into politics when he never contemplated being a politician.
He further said; “Even as we speak, I always say that politics has restrained me and I am not living to my full potentials. When I ran for House of Representatives, our governor then, Adamu Mu’azu kept saying, ‘go and campaign’, but I told him: ‘You forced me to come and do this, I didn’t want to, I can only do it at my own time, if I win, so be it, if I don’t, it means God doesn’t want me to be there, I don’t care.”
The Speaker noted that good governance has eluded Bauchi State, stressing that it doesn’t matter who amongst the politician will provide that leadership, but prepared to support the person 100 per cent.
According to him; “We just want good governance. Plateau State with the crisis it went through is ahead of us in terms of development. Even states created after us are ahead of us. Gombe which was just a local government headquarters in Bauchi State is ahead of us. The moment Adamu Muazu left government, development stopped in Bauchi.”
Dogara also said that no new district has been opened in the state as the entire capital is crammed with no water just as there are challenges left, right and centre.
“This is not a struggle between I and Governor M.A Abubakar because I want to contest for governor. It is a struggle between forces of good and forces of retrogression, between who wants to see advancement in Bauchi State and those who say they are offering leadership while they are just filling their pockets.
“I really see politics as an avenue for service, and sometimes, you are forced into deep retrospection as to serving people or serving yourself, and if you have been brought up and trained the way we have been brought up and trained, service to others always comes first,” Dogara stressed.

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