Sacked DSS DG, Mallam Lawal Musa Daura

Embattled sacked Director General of the Department of State Services (DSS), Mallam Lawal Musa Daura, is said to have allegedly stashed a whopping sum of N21 billion in his Abuja home.
A source privy to the matter alleged that no fewer than 400 assault rifles, including other small arms weapons and thousands of PVCs belonging to Niger Republic immigrants, were also found in the house.
The Sacked DSS DG is alleged to be engaged in dealings involving $21 million handed over to him by his predecessor, Mr. Ita Ekpenyong.
“Daura is also facing interrogation over alleged withdrawal of N12.9 billion from Pension Account of the DSS. He was further alleged to have withdrawn the sum of N1.6 billion from the N2.4 billion account belonging to the DSS Staff Insurance account by a relation of Daura,” the source noted.

All efforts to confirm the story from top sources proved abortive, as no one was willing to volunteer information on the startling discovery at the home of the former DSS boss.
Ekpenyong was interrogated by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) headquarters on Thursday in Abuja over how he managed funds approved by former National Security Adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki ahead of the 2015 polls.
…details later.


    • You are right my brother.
      I begin to Wonder why?
      Why is it that it is only the people in the Good Book of APC Cabals that are Saints why anyone that falls out with them is an Evil?

  1. This is a political rascality and a very sensible and seriously minded Nigerian shouldn’t vote for any of those selfish Politician who doesn’t think about Nigeria but their pockets

    God will not forgive all of them!!

  2. Oshiomhole or whatever he’s called is an embarrassment to Africa, not just Nigeria. A complete disgrace to good people of Edo State; a shameless and exceptionally ugly moron, who must be probed and jailed for the rest of his miserable life. Words are simply not enough to describe that idiot.
    Adam or Esau or whatever nomenclature ascribed to you, Nigerians will neither forget nor forgive your efforts in destroying our Nation.
    You will soon rot in hell with Buhari.

    • Tony pls be wise stop insulting your father’s ok, am just given u some advice pls. U can only pray for them to repent and be of good ambassadors to our loving country Nigerian.

    • Tony, if you a Nigerian, with good conscience, you wouldn’t have said what u said, in the history of Edo state PDP govt for 8 yes what can u boast of, now today with legacy of Oshomole being continued by Obaseki Edo is what it is to. In fact if don’t have anything to contribute to progressive Nigeria just not to vanish insults on ur fathers just keep quiet

    • Someone who’s house is on fire do not go about chasing rat , he needs to make noise his voice need to be heard very loud so u better start getting use to that ur mofoor

  3. The ruling party should call there Chairman to order. Adams oshomole is heating the polity unnecessarily. Telling Nigerians and the whole world that the senate president of Nigeria should be impeached is uncalled for. Adams oshomole should know that Dr Saraki is not a Senate president of APC, rather of Nigeria. Oshomole should be mindful of his utterances and allow the national assembly do their job. Adams oshomole has not given account of his stewardship in Edo state, what is he thinking Nigerians are?

  4. I v been rattled by the daily show of seeming personsonalization of this issue of Oshomole.

    Why is Oshomole playing the saint in all spheres.

    You don’t throw stones when living in a glass house.

    The pendulum will soon swing. Just keep watching. It’s all prophesies being fulfilled.

    Bob Marley said it all 40years ago and what is hidden from the wise and the prudent shall or is gradually being revealed to the babes and the suckling.

    Nesta Marley

  5. Oshomole is a daft needed to clean his ass , he’s not whorthy of been the APC chairman, he doesn’t know his boundary, so sack is inevitable , A p C chieftaincy take note.

  6. Comment…Do we need further proof that APC is as corrupt, if not more corrupt than PDP. who will save Nigeria then? By the way, considering d thousands of pvcs belonging to Niger aliens allegedly found in d sacked DSS boss residence. Are foreigners eligible to own PVC in Nigeria? What sort of country are we running? Why did Lawal Daura assemble those PVC s? In whose favour was he planning to use them? Shouldn’t they have bn destroyed?

  7. Comment…senate president my foot, stop insulting well meaning Nigerian with your support for corrupt politicians like saraki who ruled kwara for eight years without any meaningful development rather than looting the state treasury just like SGB.

  8. Those who are dancing and clapping hands for those looters have no children nor future, they are just warming up for the final share of the national cake, you that is like the dog feeding on the crumbs is clapping for them. They will never get there to eat up my children’s future. They are thieves,as they gather they will fall and scatter for our sake. Say Amen.


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