Coping With Challenges Of Modern Children

So, you want to have cute kids? You want to spoil them with so much love? Give them what you couldn’t afford to get from your parents? These are all good in themselves and very alright.
While some of us were growing up, we had older ones who would hold our hands and take us to church. Even if we cried all day, our parents would let us go with them. It was how we were brought up.
But look at you now, you don’t even go to church anymore, you feel “Religion” isn’t for you. Whenever I get to think of what the younger generations to come hold, it sends a shiver down my spine.
I come from a vicinity whereby if you make it out as an adult without being stained, then you deserve an award, because right there is so bad. Siblings curse themselves, children are already being engaged in sexual activities, adolescents are already parents, it’s just like Sodom and Gomorrah. Now my time was a bit better here, but if you asked me to raise a child here right now, I wouldn’t even think of it.
So I might say I am teaching my child, instilling core values to that individual, it’s all good but what happens when they’re in school or social gatherings. They are definitely talking to other kids, and they’re also grabbing things from them, too. What would count on your behalf is if you’ve made so much impact to a point that the child knows what is right and wrong.
Imagine one day your child wakes up and says to you: ‘Mom, dad I don’t know who I am anymore, I don’t fit in, I just want stay in the middle’. What would be your reaction after hearing this?
How you handle this determines the level of growth you have gained. Yes, things are changing, values keep being questioned to a point where it draws up confusion, but what is still your manual for everyday living?  This call is just to draw our attention to the danger that awaits us in the near future if we fail as young people to deal with such trivial matters now.
In present day, a lot of things are happening and when we ask questions as to why it has got to this point, we don’t seem to have answers.
This is the bigger picture as a result of our failure. We have a morally degraded society, high rate of criminality, the get-rich-quick syndrome is eating our young ones, sexually perverts on the rise. This all boils down to the crippling failure of the family structure.
The first point of socialization, as we were taught, is the Family. If the Family structure fails in carrying out its responsibility, the society would suffer. As much as we may belittle the Family structure, it still proves to be the most foundational structure in an individual’s life
So, Mr X is born into a ghetto area, growing without a father who abandoned his family, and his mother is forced to engage in prostitution In order to take care of the family. He gets to witness men who come and go out of the house, and sometimes his mother is also abused in the process.
What would you think will become the future of such a person? Your guess will be that he would be a burden to society. There’s a high chance that X might turn out an abusive partner or worst case scenario, a rapist because he has grown with the mindset that women are objects of lustful gratification. But this would be his reality if he goes down that path.
Miss B grows up in a vicinity where you find single mothers, abusive parents and partners, adolescent mothers, a place where cultism and gangsterism exist and there is so much pressure on the child.
What makes the difference is this: in the midst of all this, Miss B got exposed to stuffs she wasn’t supposed to have come in contact with, molested, but grows up to become highly principled lady. While growing up at a tender age, she was lucky to come across people who took her to church early. She’s staying in a stable home with her parents getting all the love and provision a child basically needs, gets a good formal education, though she may come from the trenches, but what her mind has been fed with, is beyond carnal understanding.
Now such a person would be responsible in society and don’t forget, a very devoted worshipper. That would be her reality. When this person grows up and becomes a mother someday, she has the necessary capacity to instill values into her child, she has fulfilled her part in also raising responsible adult.
A lot is going on in our society and right now if we don’t pick a stand as to where we belong, our children would come up one day and say they don’t know if they’re males or females and we’d be okay with it.
Oftentimes, I am so grateful for being an African, but I feel we are losing our touch, if it were to be in the days of old, and a child who has been groomed and brought as a boy came out to say ‘Mama, I want to be a girl, this boy thing isn’t for me’. Not just the mother, but the entire village would beat the spirit out of that boy that day. But now you find parents being comfortable and would even pledge their support and vow to protect their children for making such decisions.
I don’t even want to bring in the religion into this, but we need to know how bad things have gone. How wrong we’ve been and how this affects the future generation.
Yes the world is advancing, but does that mean our values and social standards must change, for all I know our moral and cultural values are what have preserved and protected us. It is what has kept us so pure, but we all know that when something enters Africa, we tend to overdo and abuse the whole thing. I am still proud of being black though, don’t get me wrong.
I am worried that after I have trained my child and he/she goes to school and comes back one day and say to me: ‘Mummy, I have a girlfriend and we want to get married soon’ or ‘Mummy I want to be bisexual; I feel more comfortable knowing I can go out with the both sexes’. Beyond being perplexed, what ought to be my reaction. To me I would consider myself a failure.
Our parents might have failed in connecting and getting through the walls we have built, but it doesn’t mean we should make the same mistakes. We all out flexing and catching fun, rather than building the broken walls. A big congratulations to those who are standing, and haven’t backed down, who have said they’re sticking to their moral principles, you might have passed your own tribulations but what is to come for your kids is far beyond what we can handle. This is just a call, a call to question ourselves how ready parents are. The future of a nation, a society which is collapsing is in our hands. While you’re young, how willing are you to pay the price. We are so lazy to the point that even religion is just eye service for us all. How would we tell our children about the Bible or the Qur’an? How would we answer trivial questions that they would come up with?
I heard now it’s the time of generation Alpha and I was wondering when generation Z even passed. So to say that these children are wiser and intelligent than we can ever think of.
How would you match up yourself with your child? Would you be so intimidated by their speech? This is just a call; we may not see it or even realize what’s ahead, but I certainly hope it stirs something up within you.
Yeat is a law student at the University of Abuja

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