Dangerous Diarrhea Of The Mouth


Diarrhea is the medical state in which a person passes faeces in liquid form and at regular intervals. Here, the affected person experiences body weakness that directly affects his/her physical strength, thereby limits his/her ability to carry out basic functions. Expectedly, as the person goes to the restroom often, the weaker he/she becomes owing to the amount of fluid passed out. That is the danger with diarrhea. And pathetically dangerous is a situation where one is considered to be suffering from diarrhea of the mouth. Have you ever given it a thought that a man can suffer from another form of acute diarrhea called ‘Diarrhea of the Mouth’? It is only better imagine. In present day Nigeria, many politicians are suffering from this chronic disease. A politician suffering from ‘Diarrhea of the Mouth’, in my opinion, is in a state of delusional derangement and high pitch hallucination. Often times, he loses control of his sense of reasoning and engages his mouth more than his sense of reasoning just as his ability to coordinate thoughts becomes low. Worse still, without his thinking cap, he presumes that every other person reasons like him. Painfully too, this character described above usually feels belittled by superior arguments given his inability to understand and appreciate that facts and truth do not necessarily mean the same thing. Sadly, these are characters we have at the helm of affairs as Governors, Legislators, Special Advisers, Assistants and what have you? There seems to be some forces, I don’t want to call them demonic, that hibernate in public offices where once a person gets elected or appointed, he automatically loses the ability to coordinate his senses. He rather engages the mouth more than his thinking faculty to a level of derangement. Regrettably, such characters tend to see things purely from the number of words uttered without considering the impact such unguarded utterances and actions may have on others and even the polity. For him, the views have been aired and heard by some equally undiscerning and loose minds. Simply put, his line of argument is usually uncoordinated and lacks facts. His main pre-occupation is to impress without realizing the negative feelings created in the minds of those he is trying to excite and not necessary to persuade. This may be the condition of a governor from the South-west, who believes in talking and acting before he thinks. Else, why would a governor that should ordinarily be concerned with developing his state, occupy his mind with whatever President Buhari does or is yet to do? Many wonder if the governor has totally lost his sense of responsibility, thus turning himself into a public nuisance. He perfectly fits the wise saying that; “You can’t put a crown on a clown and expect a King”. He seems to forget it is the people that know him the least, that would judge him the most, thus he needs to be more circumspect and worry less about what President Buhari is doing or not but should worry more about why he is worried about the President. Like elected politicians, political appointees seem to suffer more from this acute ailment just to protect and keep their jobs without consideration for the damage their unguarded utterances do to their principals before the right thinking members of society. Most culprits are present day emergency media managers without requisite skills in the art of Public Relations and training on the job. These appointments are only on the basis of patronage and secret immoral relationships. For some inexplicable reasons, why should spokesmen become so powerful that Commissioners, constitutionally their superiors, now report to them for projects’ approval? Unfortunately, these power drunk spokesmen have refused to understand that power is transient as they boss everyone around owing to the “savoury” relationship with their principals that now see them as preferred unofficial ‘spouse’. Such unholy status have seen these characters refusing to learn from the wise sayings of the 14th Dalai Lama, winner of Nobel Peace prize in 1989 that; “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new”. Pointedly, they are not didactic persons with human value, except for the driving force propelled by the public funds they access and garner illegally at the expense of the public. However, put on a moral scale, they are pitiable and likely to spend their better days outside public office in hospitals for a self-induced ailment. Nigerian politicians and appointees suffering from this disease are known to be cunny, crafty, deceitful, good schemers and manipulators and most often times not concerned about the general good of the people. They abound everywhere. Just my gist

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