2019: Kingibe-Ndomie Noodles Hit Markets


BY VICTOR BUORO, ABUJA – In spite of the alarm raised by the emergence of Ambassador Babagana Kingibe’s 2019 presidencial posters and the concerns elicited within the precinct of Aso Rock Presidential Villa, another dimension of this obvious political manoevurings was added to it at the weekend.

This is coming on the heels of the robust denial by Kingibe in which he even bought full page advert spaces in about ten national newspapers to disown the Project 2019 presidency

Surprisingly, the same day (last week Thursday) that Kingibe placed full-page coloured advertorials to deny his presidential ambition with a pledge of absolute loyalty to President Muhammadu Bihari, the former Diplomat’s personalized and branded Indomie Noodles packs bearing his name and picture hit the market on a large scale across the country.

Curiously, the Babagana Kingibe Indomie Noodles have suddenly forced down the product’s prices by about fifty percent. While the initial market price of the product stood at N3,150, the Babagana Kingibe branded Indomie Noodles are on sale at the massively subsidized rate of N1,500.

The development has triggered another alarm and suspicion at the Presidency as to how such quantum of the product found its way to the market without being noticed by the nation’s security agencies.

More curious is the disturbing and unresolved issue of “if the Babagana Kingibe-Nodomie Noodles will remain on sale for long or they will be withdrawn too now that he has issued advertorials to denounce his interest in the 2019 or after.

The former running mate to the Late Chief Moshood Abiola in the annulled 1993 presidential election, had placed the advertorials denying that he was behind the campaign posters that flooded Nigeria’s major cities that included Maiduguri, Abuja, Lagos, Asaba, Kano, Uyo, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, Ilorin, Lokoja among others.

Interestingly, findings by Forefront indicate that the same major cities that the posters were seen are the same ones where the customized Kingibe-Ndomie Noodles appeared for sale in the markets.

Checks with the presidency indicate that Kingibe had a lengthy chat with President Buhari last week during which he pledged his loyalty and support to the President and denied habouring any presidential ambition for 2019.

Kingibe specifically assured President Buhari that neither he nor his political associates were behind the appearance of the 2019 political campaign materials in circulation.

The Chief of Staff to the President, Mallam Abba Kyari, who was present at the meeting between President Buhari and Kingibe was said to have expressed worries and disappointment over Kingibe’s alleged presidential ambitions particularly against the backdrop of the fact that the Kanuri born Diplomat turned politician is a known and an uncommon member of the inner circle of advisers, whether formal or informal to President Buhari.

Kingibe however assuaged the fears and promised to place the advertorials which appeared on Thursday February 1, 2018 to prove his loyalty to Buhari.

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