Multichoice Ignores Court Order, Hikes DStv, GOtv Subscription


In what appeared a crass display of arrogance, disobedience and deliberate refusal to comply with a judgement of Court of the land barring it from effecting an increase in its tariffs, Multichoice Nigeria has ignored the Court order and brazenly increased its subscription rates for DStv and GOtv packages.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Tribunal (CCPT) sitting in Abuja on Monday, April 29, 2024 granted an interim Order restraining Multichoice company from effecting an increase in its tariff and cost of products and services scheduled to begin on May 1, 2024 pending the hearing and determination of a motion on notice.

Checks by Forefront News on May 1, 2024, being the day set aside for the celebration of the International Workers Day, Multichoice Nigeria commenced the implementation of its new tariff regime thereby leaving millions of its subscribers with no choice but to be forced to pay the increased rates. This development accordingly, sparked an outrage by some of its customers that felt disappointed that a company registered and operating in the country could brazenly ignore the ruling of a properly constituted Court of record.

The subscribers opined that it was really worrisome that Multichoice could brazenly refused to obey a Court decision thereby rubbishing the country’s the legal system.

The CCPT’s ruling which was predicated on the protest over increase of Multichoice services by subscribers of DSTV and GOTv was applauded and described as a victory for Nigerian subscribers against the backdrop of the biting economic hardship and the company’s failure to justify the increase. Some of the subscribers expressed dismay at the brazen disobedience of a court order by Multichoice, saying that it speaks volume about its commitment to ethical business practices and respect for the Nigerian law.

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