My Mum Behind My Academic Excellence, Says Student Who Scored 312 In UTME JAMB



In an online interview, Benedict Giovani Imani, who lost his father at the tender age of two, says his mother’s confidence in him propelled him to score 312 in the recently concluded UTME JAMB examination. He gives reasons why he wants to read Medicine at the University of Abuja, among other issues. 

How will you describe yourself?

I am a very imaginative person who is committed to realising my dreams and to creating a better life, including helping others when I can. I cherish solitary moments with my books, computer games and some Japanese cartoons (Anime).  I enjoy perfecting my culinary skills and practising my chess skills, though I’m not too good with that.  Finally, I regard myself as a person with his own flaws, as everyone else. I sometimes find myself in bouts of laziness and a lack of self-confidence, but whenever I think of my mother and her belief in me, I am propelled to do better. Her confidence in me is a major boost and my drive for achievement.

Give a brief history of your life

I was born in the wee hours of the 3rd July, 2008. My first coherent word, according to my mother, was ‘Gida’, uttered on the day after the USA presidential election.  ‘Gida’ is the Hausa word for ‘home’. I lost my father at the tender age of two. I was raised and catered for by my mother, I also began my schooling in the same year. I wrote my common entrance examination in four different schools- Imperial schools (the primary school I attended), Joy international College, Nigerian Air Force Military School, Jos, and my current St. Annes Secondary School. I passed all of my examinations, but couldn’t attend some of the schools due to my visual impairment and financial issues. I began schooling in St. Annes, but left in my second year to St. Charles Borromeo Minor Seminary, Madakiya, due to my mother’s transfer to the southern part of Kaduna, I returned to St. Annes in my SS1, and I’m currently writing my SSCE examinations.

You intend to be a medical doctor, what led to this career choice?

Since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, though I didn’t know what that entailed, until I was in secondary school.  My first contact with the profession, was from a television series my mum used to watch then, “Grey’s Anatomy”, I was smitten by the calm and collected practitioners who diagnosed the sick and stitched up the injured and their various sacrificial efforts to save humanity, and I wanted to be like them and earnestly aspired to be like them. I also considered other career choices, such as the priesthood and also engineering, but I constantly find myself drawn to Medicine and due to recent events and encounters with family members, accident victims and also myself, having been in an accident before, I’ve strengthened my resolve to help and treat those in need.

How did you score 312 in your JAMB?

I got my score in the JAMB examination by reading extensively and exhaustively, and also watching educational videos on my chosen subjects.


 Who and what inspired you the most in studies?

My mother and her zeal for academics are what kept me going during the rainy days. I have various reasons for such thoughts, being that she has been in school all my life- From the moment I gained consciousness, my mother has always been a student. When I was in primary school, my mother was pursuing her degree and, upon completing it, she began schooling for other auxiliary degrees. When I was in Junior Secondary School, she was studying for her Masters. Now, she’s back in school for her doctorate. So, who am I not to study? Her tenacious nature- through the years of my mother’s studies, she has faced various trials and tribulations, but she has continued to weather on without a loss in resolve. Unknowingly or knowingly, she has given me the courage to face my own trials and conquer them.  Additionally, I have a strong desire to make changes in the medical field. I look forward to the possibility of a period where Nigerians, regardless of class and status, are offered treatment for any heart-related conditions in our home country, without the need to be flown abroad. Even though I aspire to study in China, I hope to return home someday to serve this great nation.

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