Sheriff’s An Angel Of Death To PDP – FFK


Former Minister of Aviation and Director of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation in 2015 poll, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, on Sunday described Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, who was declared by an Appeal Court in Port Harcourt as the National Chairman of the PDP last week, as an Angel of death to the party and a traitor.
In a press statement he personally signed, the former Minister alleged that Sheriff’s main pre-occupation is to sell the PDP in order to assist the APC scale through in 2019.
According to FFK, “Sheriff is nothing but a traitor who is biting the fingers that fed him. Fayose is one million times the man he is. As a matter of fact so are almost all the governors and other party leaders. Sheriff comes nowhere near any of us in any shape or form.

“Only a blind, deaf and dumb simpleton or prancing village idiot would line up behind a man with such filthy and evil antecedents. This is a man whose fundamental purpose and ambition in life is to sell the PDP down the river and to help the ruling APC and the Buhari government to destroy us and win the presidential election in 2019.

“Sheriff is the Angel of Death to the PDP. He is worse than the bubonic plague: not only is he a curse to our party but he is also an affliction to our nation.”

Describing those appealing to PDP members to rally behind Sheriff as misguided and foolish, he added, “Those that say that they will work with Ali Modu Sheriff are misguided and naive. Worse still anyone that calls for members of the PDP to rally behind him and recognise him as our National Chairman is a simpleton and a fool.

“I say this because the man is evil: he is an agent of destruction and no good can come out of him. I was the first to see him for what he was and I said so publicly.”

Recalling his earlier stance against the candidature of the former Borno State governor as National Chairman of the PDP, FFK said many later aligned to his opposition to Sheriff, adding, “Then came the PDP Ministers Forum who also stood their ground. At first, no-one believed us until eventually 90 per cent of our party members lined up behind those of us that opposed Sheriff and that supported Makarfi.

“I read his insulting comments about Fayose and Wike and I laughed. Are these not the very same people that brought him in the first place and convinced others in the PDP Governor’s Forum to support him?

“Now he has finished using them to get what he wanted he is insulting them and saying that they must be kicked out of the party and dealt with.

“I say shame on him because that will never happen. Fayose particularly has proved his worth to Nigeria and Wike has stood firm and strong in defence of his people and state. They are both lions and I am proud to stand with them and Makarfi.”

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