Chelsea Fans Celebrate Graham Potter’s Sack

  • Name him Club’s ‘Worst manager’ in 20 years
  • The Blues spent over £20m plus to hire Potter
  • Now to pay about £50m for sacking him, his staff

Finally, die-hard Chelsea fans have gotten their wish after the Club’s Management announced the dismissal of underperforming Manager, Graham Potter on Sunday.

Interestingly, some of the Blues faithful consider the 47-year-old English Manager’s dismissal as a compelling reason to celebrate and make their weekend exquisite.

With unacceptable results dotting his stint at Stamford Bridge, Potter was relieved of his duties on Sunday, less than seven months after the Blues paid a world record £21.5 million ($26.3m) to hire him from Brighton as Thomas Tuchel’s replacement.

The decision came after his side were humiliated 2-0 on home soil by Aston Villa, a result that has seen them dropping to 11th position on the Premier League table.

Losing to Villa was their 11th defeat suffered since Potter came on board in September and the London club are urgently searching for a new manager to save their season.

Indeed, Potter’s sack comes as a huge relief to many Chelsea supporters as they shared their joy on social media and one of them posted thus; “Graham Potter is officially the worst manager in the history of Chelsea”.

Posting an image of a street full of celebrating Blues fanatics, another person said they were “Celebrating Potter’s sacking with 900,000,000 Chelsea fans worldwide.”

“Well, we didn’t have many good moments under Graham Potter and he was clearly out of his depth here and had to go but will always appreciate the Milan games and Dortmund, wish him the best,” read one post on Twitter.

Yet another post said; “This Chelsea job isn’t easy and Potter really did give it a good go but he was clearly out his depth. Wish him luck for the future”.

Also, one person made a comparison to ex-Manchester United Coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, saying: “Graham Potter reminds me of Ole, seems like a genuinely great guy but the job was too big for him, arguably the worst manager we’ve had in over 20 years.”

In declaring that “Potter was the worst manager in Chelsea history,” some of the Blues faithful did not hold back their sentiments and there was also this cheerful Twitter post consisting of a stampede of people celebrating, with the caption: “YASSS!!!! CHELSEA HAVE SACKED GRAHAM POTTER!”

“It is a shame it has ended this way for Graham Potter,” a fan also wrote. “He is a good coach, seemingly a nice man and will succeed wherever he ends up next. But, this job wasn’t right for him. Wishing him all the best for the future.”

“I hate to be so happy about a man losing his job, because Graham Potter genuinely did seem like a very good guy and I wanted him to succeed, but I am quite thrilled that Boehly & co pulled the plug because they realized they simply had to,” another message read. “It became clear it wasn’t gonna work.”

According to another Twitter user, the whole affair reflects terribly on the Stamford Bridge club, adding; “Chelsea spent £20m+ to hire Potter will cost £50, to sack him and his staff, now they have to pay a fee for Nagelsmann while spending £600m in 2 windows… Chelsea are the biggest circus in football, Boehly will run them into the ground.” – With reports

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