COVID-19: Danger Looms – FG Cautions Nigerians


BY VICTOR OSOWOCHI, ABUJA – The Federal Government on Monday declared that imminent danger looms if Nigerians refuse to strictly comply with health advisories on the rampaging Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the country

Accordingly, the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 has warned Nigerians against letting down their guards in the face of government’s decision easing the nationwide lockdown to contain the virus spread.

Sounding the note of caution at its daily media briefing in Abuja, National Coordinator of the PTF, Dr Sani Aliyu, said all previous measures issued for public safety are still in force and Nigerians must do well to ensure strict adherence.

“The danger of acquiring COVID-19 is even more clear and present now that we are all slowly going back to work”, he said.

Aliyu said relaxing the lockdown is not an authorization for Nigerians to abuse existing advisories on protective measures against the deadly virus.

“Easing of the lockdown is certainly in no way a license to relax our self-protecting measures against this infection. It is also not a plan to return to business as usual”, he cautioned

According to him, compliance with all health directives by citizens remains the panacea for winning the battle against COVID-19 in the country.

He further said government’s order that all religious, leisure, social, academic and travel activities are suspended indefinitely is still in force because the dangers of COVID-19 have become more real with the unlocking of socio-economic activities now in progress.

Amplifying the guidelines produced to aid the easing process, the PTF National Coordinator said it is important to remind Nigerians that interstate travel remains banned except for the transportation of essential commodities and services, adding; “No passenger flights. Churches, mosques and schools will remain closed. Clubs, bars, parks, sporting and gaming centers will also remain closed.”

Aliyu stated that; “It is absolutely necessary we continue to maintain those measures that will protect us. Those measures should be implemented as a bundle because with COVID-19 infection, you can have transmission from more than just droplets.

“For instance, if you are wearing a mask and somebody is not wearing a mask and he’s standing very close to you, the droplets he will produce can land in your eyes and you can get infected.”

On the wearing of face mask and hand washing measures, Dr Aliyu said; “I’m appealing once again that we must wear our masks to protect ourselves and the others at all times. We must keep washing our hands, we must maintain the same physical distance of two meters to comply with the eased lockdown.

“If you are wearing a mask and you do not wash your hands, those surfaces that are contaminated with the virus, you could end up touching your face and you can get the infection.”

He said basically, everyone must embrace wholesale all recommended measures in order to enjoy the needed protection against the virus.

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