ENDSARS: The Pangs Of Rebirth Of A Nation



The quest for the rebirth of a nation can almost be likened to the pangs of a woman in labour. It is accompanied by tears, blood, intense pain, and sometimes death.

In October 2020, the youths rose in their numbers to protest against police brutality and to demand that their rights as citizens of Nigeria be upheld and respected. Sadly, it was met with aggressive force by the military and the police, for which some of the unarmed youths paid dearly for with their lives.

I recoil in pain as I recall the unfortunate incident which took place on the 20th of October, 2020. The hurts from the wound of this poignant event bleeds within me, forever etched in my memory.

Last year during the first anniversary of #ENDSARS, I stated in a deeply moving article titled “In the Web of Political Mystery and Deception” that it was difficult to differentiate truth from farce as a result of the cleverly manipulative mind-games and deception from the political class that could sway even the most logical and objective mind.

During this second anniversary of #ENDSARS, I am proud of the youths who have refused to succumb to the demonic hypnosis of the crafty ruling party.

These courageous youths boldly declare that indeed the events of that dark horror night, that black Tuesday truly happened. It was not a mirage that the ruling political class would have wished it to be. These youths stand by the truth in spite of the inducement to deny and resist it.

I am delighted that “Awaiting Trial” a documentary produced by Chude Jideonwo on ENDSARS is already out to commemorate this event.

Surprisingly, a vast majority of Nigerian youths were not captivated this time by Big Brother Naija, a show popular for its immoral and unwholesome contents.

In the past, this show was known to capture the minds of the youths, in the process distracting them from participating or discussing pressing National issues.

Kudos to the Nigerian youths who stoutly refused to indulge in their once favorite pastime. Now, the political consciousness is highly awakened compared to the past.

In a very long while, I am indeed proud to be a Nigerian. There’s a subliminal hope that the struggle and deaths of the #ENDSARS victims was not in vain.

America is celebrated for its freedom of speech, in Nigeria however you can’t guarantee what happens after you express that freedom.

Hopefully, we get there soonest. True democracy entails freedom of speech and the right to peaceful gathering.

Presently, the level of citizens’ awareness in the political process has greatly increased.

During the party primaries in June, a large percentage of the Nigerian electorate including the youths followed the primaries keenly, unlike previous primaries.

They listened to the speeches of the candidates and carefully weigh the contents and quality of each speech. The level of parochial participation and godfatherism is on the decline.

Candidates are now judged based on their competence and antecedents in governance rather than the popularity of their party.

Reminds me of French President, Emmanuel Macron, who was elected as president during his first tenure, not on the basis of a popular party but as an independent candidate. In Nigeria at present, a candidate is more popular than the political party due to his previous worthy track record while in government.

It gives one hope in this beloved entity called Nigeria, that one day, the sunrise of a new day may just be the dawn of the Nigeria of our dreams. A nation where true unity exist. One where equal opportunities avail to all irrespective of your tribe or ethnic group.

A Nigeria where there is dignity of labour for the cleaners, the drivers, messengers, nannies etc. A Nigeria where the leader serve not for love of gain but love for country.

A Nigeria where bribery, corruption and Nepotism becomes a thing of the past. Where social vices, rituals, kidnapping, banditry, advanced fee fraud, yahoo yahoo and the inordinate quest for materialism and its attendant evils are completely eliminated.

A Nigeria where the lives of people and safety of properties are guaranteed. A nation which becomes less of a consuming economy and more of a producing economy.

A nation where the green passport is respected wherever it is presented outside its shores. A nation which upholds hard work, values and morals.

A nation where the rights of the masses are not trampled by security forces and the rule of law is upheld and administered by incorruptible judges.

It is for such dawn that we await. We hope and pray that as a new day emerges after a long dark night, so shall true Nigerians awaken to the dawn of this new Nigeria. The Nigeria of our hope, the Nigeria of our dreams.

The journey of a thousand miles, they say, begins with a step. Therefore, as the 2023 election draws near, the youths, elderly, men, women and indeed every Nigerian who is within the voting age of 18 years should ensure that they do their part by voting rightly so that the Nigerian dream becomes a reality.

Let the Voice of conscience and the love for this beloved country take over greed, avarice and corruption. Let it awaken a zeal for a rebirth. It starts with us at the polls. Elect a corrupt free leader not for the present gain but to leave a country for your unborn child to call home. Believe in the electoral process and allow your votes to speak.

Let’s do this for posterity sake. For the memories of those that lost their lives that fateful night when the nationalist spirit was at an all-time high. Let the voice of their anguish, the tears, shock, agony of death and the horror of that bloody night ring aloud in your ears even as their lives were cut short.

We shall never forget the memory of our beloved compatriots who sacrificed their lives for their beloved country. These are the heroes who endured the pangs for the rebirth of a new nation. Your deaths will never be in vain. Rest on. The struggle continues.

…Lisa Bassey, a writer, political analyst and podcaster is based in Abuja

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