Fulanization Agenda By Buhari Is Real – Fani-Kayode


BY CHAMBERLAIN ODEY, JOS – Former minister of Aviation, Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode, has alerted that a play pro-Fulani agenda is being quietly but systematically and strategically executed by the administration of President Muhammad Buhari, who as President of the country, views himself from the myopic ethnocentric prism of a Fulani messiah than a Nigerian leader.

Pointing to obvious imbalances and injustices in the national administrative structure, especially in appointments, postings, recruitment, and promotions in the country’s public and security services, Fani-Kayode noted that there is clear danger as everything is being done to put other ethnic groups and the over one hundred million Christian community in a permanent disadvantage and incapacity.

He pointed out that, apart from the Navy, the headship of the national security organs are Northerners, and Muslims, noting also that the leadership of the entire nineteen security outfits or parastatals in Nigeria are either Fulani or Muslims.

Describing the national leadership structure as unjust and a deliberate effort at enforcing a parochial preconceived agenda, Fani-Kayode said the entire leadership of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial arms of government are being manned by Muslims, with Fulani Muslims as Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), and President of the Court Appeal, while the Speaker and deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives are all Muslims.

In his words: “This is simply unjust and unacceptable because we are all Nigerians.”

Regretting that Fulani militias, rated internationally as the fourth deadliest terrorists group in the world, have been attacking innocent communities and raping and killing women, children and destroying economic crops all over the country, Fani-Kayode noted that this is also part of the broader plan of Fulanization conceived to decimate and weaken the indigenous populations, and possibly exterminate them with a view to grab up the land.

Fani-Kayode used the occasion which was a stakeholders review conference of TEKAN holding at The Word of God Bible Translation Trust, Jos, to salute the people of the Middle Belt region of the country whom, he noted, have been living with and bracing up to Fulani and Jihadists assaults, persecution, and provocations for more than one hundred years.

He told the Middle Belt people that; “We in the South love and respect you. You are good people who have demonstrated courage and resilience over time”.

Addressing the TEKAN delegates conference on the topic “Governance and the role of the church”, Fani-Kayode noted that the Church has done well so far, adding that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), and the leadership of Church denominations have been rising bravely to the occasion.

He noted that the continued holding of Leah Sharibu on the ground that she refused to denounce her faith is not because the Church has not responded proportionally to the challenge, but because the Buhari government has not been altogether sincere in its claims of negotiations to secure her release.

The former Aviation minister charged all Christians, men and women of good will, to always speak up against injustices in the national space without fear, reminding all that as a Christian and believer, one must not fear death or the unknown.

Fani-Kayode called on President Buhari to reconsider the nomination and Senate clearance of a certain Sheik Pantini from Gombe State, for insulting Christians and disparaging the Christendom in a well circulated fanatical video which he produced to show his passion for Islam, saying the conduct of Sheik Pantini in that video shows he is a religious irredentist with nothing to offer to the quest for national development.

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