…As another Lord likens killings to Darfur genocide

Reports from the United States of America indicate that more signatories have joined the petition to the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) over the pogrom taking place in Southern Kaduna.

A statement by one of the petitioners, Mr Emmanuel Ogebe of the US-Nigeria Law Group said a member of the British House of Lords signed the petition on Tuesday just as people from across Nigeria have equally signed.

Ogebe in a statement made available to Forefront News said that the signatories are more just Nigerians in Diaspora, adding that the petition has now been signed by people from three continents and several Nigerian and American states.

He further said; “We welcome the signature of Baroness Caroline Cox of the British House of Lords, a consistent and outspoken champion of global human rights and religious freedom”.
Ogebe explained that additional signatories have been included in the petition, adding however that the content remains the same.

According to him; “House of Lords member, Lord DAVID Alton has equated the gory images from last week’s Southern Kaduna massacres to images from Darfur:

“July 27th: At least 21 killed in latest attacks in Southern Kaduna. A friend told me that she was struck by the similarity between the pictures from Kaduna and those which came from Darfur during the genocide. I visited Darfur during that period and agree with her.

“Today I came across a picture of the victims of the latest massacre of returning farmers in Darfur by militia men and was struck by its similarity with pictures I have been receiving over the past few weeks of mass burials in Southern Kaduna.

“This is not the first time the similarity of the two situations have come to mind.  Southern Kaduna is almost like watching Darfur in slow motion, or at its outset.”


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