Name, Shame, Prosecute Sponsors Of Terrorism Now: HURIWA Challenges Tinubu


Civil Rights Advocacy group on the aegis of Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria (HURIWA), has said that it is becoming clearer that anti-democracy forces who are behind the funding of the activities of terrorists have upped their game so as to blackmail the current administration to set up a juicy Amnesty programme for Fulani terrorists.

It particularly counselled the President Tinubu-led government not to allow itself to be blackmailed into giving in to the illegitimate demands of those who are out to protect and promote terrorists and their evil.

The Rights group noted that the latest kidnapping of villagers in Kajuru, Kaduna State could be one amongst their game-plans to force President Bola Ahmed Tinubu into accepting their deal.

HURIWA said that in the light of the above concerns, the federal government should as a matter of priority and national interest name, shame and commence the prosecution of sponsors of terrorism and terrorists, stressing that the exposure of funders of terrorists would mark the best first step of destroying the sophisticated network of terrorism franchises in Nigeria.

The Rights Group in a statement by its National coordinator, Comrade Emmanuel Onwubiko, noted that the patrons of the terrorists are now using mass abductions of villagers and school children as bargaining chips to advance their advocacy for the establishment of the Amnesty programme for Fulani terrorists as is been canvassed vigorously by a section of Northerners.

According to Onwubiko; “We urged President Tinubu to take a personal interest in the pattern of campaigns for the establishment of an Amnesty programme for terrorists made up essentially of Fulani terrorists. The President should task his intelligence chiefs to dig deeper and uncover the hidden characters behind the unpopular calls for dialogues with terrorists which are being masked as a moral or religious obligation when it is clearly for economic reasons.

“We believe that this is a job of scammers and funders of terrorists who hope to successfully blackmail the federal government into accepting their satanic agenda of entering into dialogues with terrorists so they can very well become richer from their criminal network of terrorism.

HURIWA’s said its position was predicated against the backdrops of the information that about 87 villagers have again been reportedly abducted in the last 24 hours by terrorists during a vicious raid in Kajuru community, Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

HURIWA while condemning the latest round of kidnapping of villagers in Kaduna State, described it as the handiwork of blackmailers, conflicts entrepreneurs and those who run the network of terrorists that have been terrorising the people in the North West of Nigeria.

HURIWA stated that it was unfortunate that the present government has followed the bad steps of former President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration by toeing the same conspiratorial lane of remaining adamant in not naming, shaming and transparently prosecuting the identified sponsors of terrorists.

It noted that the lack of decisiveness on the part of the Tinubu-led administration to fundamentally depart from the inept, ill-informed and ineffective methodology of waging the war on terror from the poor records of the immediate past government, is responsible for the heightened state of insecurity being unleashed on Nigerians by terrorists.

HURIWA also alleged the intelligence community in the country have failed abysmally to pinpoint to the security agencies possible flashpoints of attacks by terrorists who have continued to stage mass abductions almost at the same geographical axis in Kaduna State without the security forces adopting proactive measures to nip these attacks in the bud.

It said; “It is a thing of shame that these terrorists have been allowed by the authorities to continue to launch devastating raids on communities which are approximately within the same local councils of Kaduna State and the security agencies are incapable of aborting any of these coordinated attacks on the citizens”.

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