BY AMOS TAUNA, KADUNA – A Catholic Priest in Kaduna Archdiocese, Rev. Father Andrew Dodo, has said that the present challenges facing the country is as a result of the failure of religious leaders to live up to expectation.

Fr Dodo particularly noted that some religious leaders have wrongly interpreted the two Holy Books thereby making their followers take a negative perspective of what Christianity and Islam is all about.

He noted that the country has been sharply divided along religious line thereby making it impossible for Nigeria to realise its full potentials as the giant of Africa in all spheres of life.

Speaking in Kaduna at a one day seminar of executive council members of Ladies of St. Mulumba (LSM), metropolitan from the North-west on a paper, ‘Effective prayer and leadership’, Dodo explained that unless the wrong interpretations and impression are  correctly addressed, the country would never live in peace.

According to him; “We have Christians and Muslims fighting each other because the holy books have not been fully and sincerely interpreted to the followers for better understanding and application in their daily lives.

“The present challenges the country is going through is a product of the bad foundation laid and no wonder that in the history of this country, especially in the north and Kaduna state in particular, we have witnessed killings and destruction of unimaginable magnitude.”

Also speaking on “A mark of spiritual maturity and accountability among Ladies of St. Mulumba” Mr Francis Mutuah enjoined them to be disciplined, accountable and fear God in all their endeavours for a better society.

Mr Peter K. Balkan, who spoke on ‘Prudential management of funds and accountability in Ladies of St. Mulumba’ enjoined them to be strictly guided by the rules of all they are assigned.

The Metropolitan Council President, Lady Esther David Amboson said that the seminar was meant to educate members about leadership on how to prudently manage and account for their resources, leadership and effective prayer, and how to be disciplined as being some major challenges the country is facing with today.


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