Restructuring: Our People Must Be At The Negotiating Table – SOKAPU


BY AMOS TAUNA, KADUNA – Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) has insisted that its people must be represented at the negotiation table with other groups in a fair, balanced and acceptable manner in any form of restructuring that would take place in the country.

To this end, SOKAPU endorses implementation of the 2014 Confab report as the starting point for Nigeria’s restructuring, just as it called on its people to continue their agitation for Gurara State to be created from the present Kaduna State.

It said it agreed on the resolution reached in the June 21 Communiqué of the Middle Belt Forum, which insists that Nigeria be restructured into 12 confederating regions.

This was part of resolutions reached at the Summit of SOKAPU and contained in a communique that specifically expressed reservations at what it described as “the double standards” demonstrated by the Kaduna State government in deliberately failing to effect the arrest of some self-styled members of Coalition of Northern Youth groups that violated some provisions of the Nigerian constitution.

It further said; “Whereas the same government has shown more than enough capacity to arrest, incarcerate and prosecute Southern Kaduna people.”

SOKAPU also reiterated its resolve to sustain a cordial and robust relationship with all progressive people in Kaduna State, communities and nationalities of the South-south; South-west; South-east and other parts of Nigeria.

The Union said as part of plans to strengthen the operations and implementation of all initiatives of Southern Kaduna, it urged all bona fide Southern Kaduna people worldwide to obtain its registration form through their CDAs, branches and chapters for the purpose of registration.

The communique further stated; “Persons of Southern Kaduna, who have attained adult age shall not claim membership of SOKAPU unless registered and allotted membership identification number. Membership registration, it was agreed, will confer several benefits to registered members.”

SOKAPU specifically rejected and condemned the call for the expulsion of the lgbos from the North come October 1, 2017, saying the people of Southern Kaduna can never be part of such an expulsion order.

The communique also said; “SOKAPU stands in solidarity with Igbos against the parochial and sectional threats issued by a Coalition of exclusionists and sectional Youth groups.”

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