BY AMOS TAUNA, KADUNA – The Northern States Christian Elders Forum (NOSCEF), on Tuesday described as unjustifiable, immoral and unacceptable for a government that left a people open to attacks by Fulani bandits to turn around to arrest the victims for defending their own lives which the same government failed to protect.

This is as it also declared that the justification attributed by both the Federal and Kaduna State governments for the killings in Southern Kaduna by suspected Fulani militia has embolden the attackers to continue to unleash mayhem on unarmed and innocent people.

This is as NOSCEF described the unwarranted attacks as “mindless killings” and the destruction of properties in communities in the Southern Kaduna State which it noted has continued unabated without the authorities doing enough to stop it.

Chairman of the Northern States Christian Elders Forum, Engr. Ejoga Inalegwu, who stated these in a statement, further said; “In the last one week alone, reports show that over 60 people were killed by rampaging Fulani herdsmen who invaded communities in Kauru, Zangon Kataf, Kaura, Kajuru and Jema’a Local Governments all in Southern Kaduna and unleashed terror on the people.

“Thousands of people have been displaced and in various refugee camps. Sadly, the response of both the Kaduna state and the federal governments to these attacks have been far from satisfactory, with the people in perpetual fear of fresh attacks.

“The unbecoming justification of the attacks as reprisal statements by the Federal and State agencies can only embolden the attackers to continue to unleash mayhem on the people,” it states.

NOSCEF, therefore, condemned the massacres and called on the state and federal governments to heed the cries of the people.

It equally expressed displeasure that the security situation across the country has continued to deteriorate as criminals terrorize Nigerians in their homes and on the highways unabated.

The Christian elders therefore called on President Muhammadu Buhari, to as a matter of national importance rejig the security architecture of the country in order to effectively tackle the insecurity situation.

NOSCEF further said; “We are deeply saddened that while the Service Chiefs, who have failed in their duty to secure the nation, were reporting ‘wonderful successes’ in their North West campaign against banditry to the President, while Christian communities were being attacked and killed particularly in Southern Kaduna, as if the people of Southern Kaduna are not part of the North West.

“Again, a few days back, the Chief of Army Staff was reporting ‘another successful outing’ in the nation, positing that farmers can now go to their farms unhindered by herdsmen attacks and banditry, when there was intensified attacks against Christian communities in the same Southern Kaduna”.

The Forum also noted that Nigerians have become helpless and lost confidence in the ability of the current security set up to protect them, stressing that the President must rise to the occasion and restore hope in the  people against the growing insecurity in the land.

In the words of NOSCEF; “There can be no justification for this continual wanton destruction of lives and properties in Southern Kaduna in particular and across the nation generally”.

NOSCEF called on Christians to continue to remain calm, law abiding, vigilant and prayerful, saying; “We may feel helpless at the situation the government has put us in, but we are not hopeless”.


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