President Muhammadu Buhari a general and grandmaster with one stroke calmed the raging waves.   And he did it deftly when no one expected it.  After almost two weeks of orchestrated protests and diatribe against Abba Kyari chief of staff to the President the dust finally settles.  Mr. President chose to side with Abba Kyari. He rose above the noisome blabbing of some political adventurist to make a most pragmatic decision. If it ain’t  broken, they say, don’t fix it.  

Mr. President chose pragmatism over politics. He chose national interest over parochial interest. He chose sincerity over sycophancy. He chose competence over mediocrity.  Enters Abba Kyari.  Second time around. A recognition well deserved.  He has served the president and the presidency well. He will have the opportunity to serve Nigeria for more years. His understanding of the intricacies of power is unquestionable. His calm composure, Studious disposition and meticulous nature lend him well to continue in his role as Chief of staff. 

Lionized and pilloried by groups and powerful individuals who have failed in their several attempts to pull the wool over the President’s face, Kyari stands guard as a keeper, a gateway and a filter of all that goes in and out.  

After several encounters with him before he became chief of staff and after he became one of the most powerful things that comes across is that you were dealing with a man with attention for details and rigor and one that is humane. He has brought all of these and his genteel nature to bear on this assignment. A workaholic with no pretense,  Kyari has soldiered on building structures out of ruins.  Bringing sanity to confusion and engendering a process that keeps governance moving in measured steps and definite direction.  

Not one for a popularity contest Kyari knows and appreciates the assignment he is saddled with. Nigeria has moved on or better still Nigeria is moving. It might not be at the speed many desire but the fact that it is moving in the right direction and in steady motion is gratifying enough. 

President Buhari with this master and positively monstrous decision of re-appointing the Chief of Staff to work with him for another 4 years must build his cabinet quickly.  

This time. Nigerians want men and women that are capable and thirsty for success.  A team that will advance the Presidents agenda.  It is also the time for another master stroke.  The President has promised Nigerians a strong and robust cabinet.  We trust him.  

The time is set. The President is on a roll. Let’s join with him to build our future today.


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