Bauchi: Leadership Crisis Rocks Zaar Development Association


BY ADEYEMI AKANJI, BAUCHI – A leadership crisis has engulfed the Sayawa social cultural organisation known as Zaar Development Association (ZDA).

The followed the withdrawal of support to the Mr Isuwa Galla presidency of the association by a coalition of about 15 out of 26 branches across the country.

The development was announced by the coalition of the 15 ZDA branches at a meeting convened in Bauchi on Monday, June 24, 2024 during which they unanimously resolved to withdraw support for the Isuwa Galla-led leadership of the association.

The coalition said the decision to withdraw support was reached after careful deliberations and considerations of the various issues impacting the unity and progress of the Zaar community.

The coalition led by the ZDA chairman for Lagos State, Dani Luka Zarmi, also said that their resolve to withdraw their support for Galla was based on alleged promotion of division.

The coalition further said; “Isuwa Galla has repeatedly acted in ways that sow division within the Zaar Community, undermining efforts to foster unity and cooperation among members.

“He has refused to acknowledge Gung Zaar as our paramount Ruler, displaying a lack of respect for our traditional leadership and cultural heritage.

“Galla has consistently made promises that he has failed to keep, leading to a loss of trust and confidence among the Zaar people.

“He has shown lack of commitment to Zaar Land struggles and has not identified himself with the crucial land struggle that is vital to our community’s future and security.

“Galla has refused to involve and consult with the various ZDA branches, neglecting the importance of a unified approach and collective decision making and has not been respecting our culture by leaving our own cultural festival to attend other tribes’ cultural festival.

“Violations of Zaar Development Association (ZDA) Constitution by creating illegal branches such as Dass, Toro, Ningi etc which is not in line with the Association’s Constitution,” the coalition said.

The coalition said that it was imperative for the leadership to reflect the values and aspirations of the Zaar people, adding that the association needed a leader who will invite members and respect their traditions.

It stressed that the lack of integrity and commitment by Galla has been detrimental to the association’s progress thus, in the best interest of their community to seek new leadership that will truly represent the goals and values of the people.

The coalition said it will be working closely with all ZDA branches and community stakeholders to identify and support a new leader who embodies the principles of unity, respects, and genuine commitment to the development of Zaar community.

When contacted, the ZDA National President of ZDA, Mr Isuwa Galla said there will be an emergency meeting on Saturday at Tafawa Balewa to resolve all the issues.

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