Betrayals, Planted Moles Destroying PDP – Suswam Says


Former governor of Benue State, Senator Gabriel Suswam, has said that some planted moles and betrayals are behind the present crises shaking the foundation of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Senator Suswam, an aspirant for the position of National Chairman of the PDP that has been endorsed by stakeholders and leaders of the Party from the North Central geo-political zone, said that power is waiting for PDP because the people love the Party.

Suswam however said that in spite of the efforts of the moles planted by the enemies of the PDP to destroy it, the Party has a clear chance of reclaiming power at the national level, stressing that all that was required was the committed and genuine members to think, reason and work together.

While condemning the continued tolerance and accommodation of some members of the Party that see themselves as untouchables, Suswam stressed that it was such behavioural pattern that made the Party to lose power after ruling for 16years, stressing that there is no way the Party would continue to accommodate some few individuals who assume the role of deciding for the PDP.

In the words of Suswam; “We cannot continue that way no matter how powerful they think they are. Such arrogance was what affected the psyche of the Nigerians and they resisted it and started looking for alternatives. They were not happy with such arrogance and internal crises set in and that was how PDP lost out.

“What PDP needs now is proper leadership and once we have the right leaders, the party will rise again. God willing, PDP will bounce back.

“The All Progressive Congress (APC) has been in power for about nine years now and Nigerians believe PDP did well in spite of its shortcomings. There are many people waiting for the PDP to organise itself,” he said.

Suswam lamented the exit of some high-profile founding members of the PDP such as the former governor of Imo State, Hon Emeka Ihedioha and others, saying that it was regrettable that key members were leaving the Party they worked so hard to build.

According to Suswam; “Some told me they are leaving because of lack of leadership within the party. You need a forward-looking leadership that can boost our confidence. Once we have that in place, those leaving us will come back.

“One of the problems is that some major stakeholders of the party do not have confidence in the current leaders and so they are giving up. A lot of people want to stay, but they do not see much hope. Others want to join the PDP, but the crisis in the party is discouraging them and those that are leaving are doing so out of frustration, not that they do not like the party.

“We can resuscitate the party once there is confidence in the leaders. Once PDP can unite, we can win elections anytime in Nigeria and all we need to do is to put our house in order,” he stressed.

Suswam said that he joined the PDP in 1998 and had remained unlike some that keep jumping from one party to another, saying that those calling on him to take up the job of National Chairman believe that he is the ideal man who is not controversial.

In the words of Suswam; “I know the party in and out; I know the characters. I also believe that PDP needs somebody who can interact with all the major stakeholders. Getting them to discuss requires someone they can trust. I am close to key leaders like former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike. It won’t be difficult for me to bring them together to a roundtable.

“I have my plans on how to bring everyone on board. Once we can iron out the issues, PDP will be back on track,” he said.

Commenting on the democratic journey so far, Suswam said that it has been commendable, adding that former President Olusegun Obasanjo started very well, especially in the area of the economy and also politically, adding that Obasanjo gave the country a solid base.

He however noted that mediocrity has taken over with religion and ethnicity becoming key factors in governance just as he said that the Nation has failed to enthrone democracy in the states as the ruling parties there take all the seats leaving nothing for the opposition.

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