BY SEGUN ADEBAYO, ABUJA – The Coalition for Public Interest Lawyers & Associates (COPA) has declared that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), is desperately searching for crimes and offences with which it wants to indict Senator Shehu Sani on phantom charges.

It noted that this was after the EFCC failed to find substance in its first spurious claims of misrepresentation and obtaining money by false pretence levied against Senator Sani.

CCOPA in a statement on Friday noted that Nigeria has fast declined into a fascist state with political sycophants dictating the pace and working of state agencies, stressing that it falls on the people to resist this anomie and stand up for the country. 

The COPA statement which was signed by Mr. Pelumi Olajengbesi, Esq, also said that as part of the plan, the EFCC forcefully obtained, accessed and seized Senator Sani’s phone without his consent thereby going beyond its mandate by abusing the Senator’s right to privacy.

Olajengbesi specifically said that the EFCC is checking all WhatsApp correspondences which have nothing to do with the allegations against Senator Sani, in this technology age.

He further said; “One hopes that materials will not be planted in his phone to hand his oppressors ammunition to silence him once for all.

“The search through his phone, for the record, is NOT to find matters related to the allegations against him but a goose chase to find any incriminating matter to give impetus to the witch-hunt against the Senator whose tireless criticism of the Buhari administration and that of his state’s government have made him a marked man. 

“Senator Shehu Sani’s bail bond which grants him administrative leave and freedom have also been consequently abused by the agency- the EFCC, which granted it and is an ominous portend of the break from the rule of law that may further attend his case. 

“The general public are encouraged to keep a watchful eye and discerning war on the development of Senator Sani’s case as it unfolds as a pattern long perfected to silence the critics of this administration has been set in motion against the senator.” 


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