With less than one month to the United States (US) Presidential election, President Donald Trump has again claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic is ending in the country without the vaccine.

Trump receives knocks over COVID-19 claims

But the claims made during a rally in Macon, Georgia, have been widely described by American medical experts and health commentators as false with no scientific information to back the President’s position.

However, unrepentant in his position, the President is promising to have 100 million vaccine doses before the year ending, just as he further contradicted himself by saying the “country doesn’t need it anyway.”

The statement ignores the fact that case numbers are again increasing significantly in the United States, particularly in Midwest states like Wisconsin, which has just recorded worrying new cases, hospitalisations, and deaths from the pandemic.

“Without the vaccine it’s ending too. We’re rounding the turn. It’s ending without the vaccine, but the vaccine is going to make it quicker”, Trump said

Also, speaking about his COVID-19 treatment at the Macon rally, Trump said he believes the therapeutic drugs he received were a cure.

In his treatment, he was given the Regeneron’s antibody cocktail and is now promising to provide it for everyone who needs it.

According to him; “I wasn’t feeling too great, and they gave me something, Regeneron, and a day later I felt like superman. I said ‘hey, whatever the hell that stuff was’. And it’s brand new, developed because of this. We are going to do something very special, we are going to get it for every person that we think is appropriate for … they can call it a therapeutic, but to me it was a cure.”


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