Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai

BY ISRAEL BULUS, KADUNA – The re-election campaign team of Governor Nasir el-Rufai on Tuesday suffered a humiliating setback and devastating blows as his rally recorded the lowest turnout ever recorded in Kafanchan, the headquarters of Jama’a Local Government Area and the political headquarters of Southern Kaduna.

One of the aggrieved members of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who refused to grace the rally said on condition of anonymity that the “deliberate neglect of party members and lack of real dividends of democracy in the region” are reasons responsible for his refusal and other like-minded party members that kept a grudging distance from the rally.

The old township stadium in Kafanchan, venue of the rally was scantily occupied by a handful of the Deputy Governor’s entourage and few party members who wore long faces and show of disappointment at the venue of the event.

Speaking in similar vein, a member of the organizing committee, who also didn’t want his name in print, lamented that, they were asked to organize people for the rally but no funds to pay for their transport fare.

In his words; “People’s refusal to turn out could not be far from the negative antics of the Governor. Despite having two commissioners from this Local Government, we are unable to gather mammoth crowd which is an indication of danger in the next coming election.

One of the aggrieved women at the rally also lamented on the unavailability of funds to adequately mobilize crowd as a fundamental reason for the abysmal low turnout.

According to her; “N2,000 was given to each ward, if we are to share the amount amongst us, each person will end up getting only N10, what a disgrace to this APC.”


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