Insecurity: Don’t Rip Your Belly Open With Your Knife –  APC Chair Adamu Cautions el-Rufai, Amaechi

  • We shall work hard, 24/7 to ensure victory for APC in 2023
  • I’m not worried about being tagged a wizard

Newly elected National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Abdullahi Adamu, has cautioned Governor Nasir el-Rufa’i of Kaduna State and the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi over their thoughts on the current disturbing security situation in the country.

Adamu, who governor of Nasarawa State between 1999 and 2007, said the debilitating insecurity notwithstanding, the two APC chieftains cannot behave like people who will deliberately take a knife and rip open their stomachs in anger.

The APC National Chairman was reacting to the comments credited to the Kaduna State Governor and the Minister of Transportation Minister that the ruling party has failed in adequately addressing the nation’s security challenges.

Speaking in an interview with the Hausa Service of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) monitored in Kaduna, Senator Adamu said whatever their thinking about the security situation in Nigeria, it was wrong for them to make such scathing public remarks about the APC-led administration.

He however said there was no reason to join issues with the two party chieftains, saying; ”I am a human being, I don’t know what was in their minds when they made their assertions, but I advise you to go and meet them.”

On the task ahead of the newly inaugurated National Working Committee (NWC) of APC, Senator Adamu said the members are already poditioning themselves to work assiduously round the clock towards ensuring victory for the ruling party come 2023.

“This job is not a child’s play or joke. It’s a great burden that’s bestowed on us. Our prayer to Allah, and from all our good friends and well-wishers, is to wish us success…..First of all, we should find ways of uniting members of our party. We should be united, like a broom tied with one rope. Once that is done, our next move should be to confront the forthcoming election. We are the government, nothing will earn us praise unless we win the election.

“We should win, win again, this is the task ahead of us. By the will of Allah, we will do what we can to be successful.”

The APC Chairman, who acknowledged the urgent need to pacify members aggrieved by the outcome of the recently concluded convention of the APC, said; ”First and foremost it should be known that Allah gives leadership and not man. Allah will not come down and give leadership, there must be a cause, your fellow human will be. Whoever believes in this would not be worried if he vied to be Chairman, Secretary, etc, but couldn’t be successful.

”But a human being has his limitations. Some would think they’ve invested their money, and their time in seeking these positions that were opened for the contest. But we have a responsibility to our party.It’s our responsibility to meet these people, as much as we can to pacify them.”

”We know they are respectable, we know they are men of integrity and as the President had mentioned, anyone amongst them could be Chairman. But there is no way 7, 8 people could become Chairman at the same time. So we should do all we can to have a good understanding of these people,” he said.

On the assertion that going along with him would not be smooth because people considered him to be rigid and hard to align with, the former Governor explained that “no one should be worried simply because someone told him I’m difficult to relate with.”

”Well, I don’t even understand who is a person that it will be easy to relate with. I know of a person that is principled, with a clear mission that is on the path of Allah. No matter what; such a person will stick to the path of truth, will ensure only the right thing is being done and people would be happy about that.”

”We know, human beings have their weakness. I’ve mine, but whoever knows me and he feels he has a way of confronting me, that’s left to him.”

” But there is nothing to ponder about that I could be rigid. I have my opinion. But this is a party affair, not my property. It’s for the people so there is no way I can be dictatorial. If you come up with something contrary, I will say no right away. But if you’re able to explain and convince me, that okay.”

“But if you try to force things on us, without cogent reasons, something that will not be good for us….or because you have a personal relationship with me, you come with something different and you want me to accept because I’m the leader, I will not agree with that. “

While replying to critics who felt ” the 70 years old ” politician may not withstand the rigours of party affairs, Adamu said “you’ve reduced my age perhaps because you like me or you have aligned with them. Conventionally, I am 75 years old and going by the Islamic calendar, I am 77 plus. I’m proud of that and I thank Allah. My contemporaries, my primary and secondary schoolmates are no longer with us. Even University mates; some are longer with us. So it’s a blessing from Allah and I thank Allah for that.”

He said people should understand that old age was like a living capital.

“Being a party chairman shouldn’t be likened to going to a boxing ring or engaging in a marathon race…I was chosen to give the party leadership, the party has its ideology; this ideology is not gotten from the boxing arena. But everything has its time. Where strength is required, we can ask the young ones to do that. This is not my first time, I’ve not started today. Some could be genuinely concerned if one could accomplish the task despite the age. But to some others is based on enmity, to ridicule. To me, ageing is not a thing of ridicule. To me, it’s something to be proud of.”

On the security challenges in Nigeria which might affect the chances of the APC during elections, he said “human beings want peace and must strive to find peace. This insecurity now, although our soldiers and other security agents are doing their very best…but has defied solution. Our parents told us that if a wound refuses to heal, it could be targeting life.”

“Noise making will not lead us to surmount this security problem. Everyone knows Buhari. But there is a difference between military and civilian life. Once he strikes, there would be shouts of human rights, democracy, these and that. But in the military, he can do things without your consent.”

He said that though Nigerians elected a President and their party the APC, during the crisis the PDP and all Nigerians may be affected.

He said that someone will see and look the other way, or criticise the President, that every person may not be immune from such happening.

He said those who, rather than coming out to assist the government on security matters developed cold feet, should change their decision.

Adamu said his mission was to lead APC to success and called on all to put hands on deck for the peace and stability of the nation.

While he reiterated that he became chairman not because he was wiser than anybody but by the will of Allah, he prayed for success and assured that they would work assiduously and throughout the day and night to ensure victory for the APC.

” I am a human being, I don’t know what was in their minds when they made their assertions, but I advise you to go and meet them,” he said.

Asked why on several occasions, some, people called him ” wizard ” but he always appeared undisturbed, he explained that if one was curious about what people were saying, the good thing was to meet the people and clarify.

” This wizard, wizard, what does it mean. Why are people ascribing such to an individual? If I have been insulting them, then I might’ve been a genuine wizard. Or a mad man( laughs). But I turned that into a joke. If a fight overpowers you, you turn it into a joke. That’s my attitude….and I don’t look at anybody with any bad intent. I look at everybody lovingly and with good intent.”

” I’ve never called myself a wizard. You know I don’t eat humans. But one should be careful in politics,” he said.

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