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  1. Yusuf K Fujunono

    It’s so disgusting and flabbergasting that the insurgent commanders are well known to the Nigerian troops by names. Can we really categorise the insurgents as enemies? Why has Nigeria chosen the path of stone age darkness and toying with lives of millions Nigerians? Why is the 21st century giant technological development eluding us? Nigeria the purported GIANT OF AFRICA, degenerating into ashes in the eyes of its well renounced professors in millions multi sector spheres of social, economic, political, and educational life? Why are we giving the advanced/developed nations the assurance of actualising their doom prediction of Nigeria’s total disintegration in 2015 in 2020?
    Oh! mother Africa why is your glorious status falling? The most blessed Continent in the world being rounded the poorest? Why are our African octogenarians leaders so callous in nature? God help us.


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