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When I met Ms. Joy Michael for the first time in Abuja, she struck a picture of someone who knows her onions in the world of interior designs despite her lack of formal education.  She carries a vision of boundless creativity that is set to unleash on the world.

Unlike other ladies who may find an easy path in getting her dream realised, this lady who has the mystery of creating scintillating beautiful internal décor does not want to be distracted  and is determined to leave her footprints in the sand of time in the area of crafting serene scenes with the touch of divine inspiration.

She carries a fiery dream that is afar human grasp. As   I sat with her for over an hour for an interaction, I discovered that her creativeness is focused on producing delightful and charming sceneries that prettify homes, offices and hotels, among others.

Joy is unembarrassed by her past, but has fixed her eyes to become one of Nigeria’s best interior designers. From recreating the internal setting of your home and office to creating an amazing outside environment; Joy’s creativity holds many in awe.

Here is an excerpt of our interaction:

Brief History Of Joy

I was born in Anchuna Sarki, Ikulu Chiefdom of Zangon Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna State 36 years ago. Early in life, I never had the privilege of attending any form of formal education. However, as time passed, as it is with young girls and boys looking for greener pastures, I relocated to the city in search of money to take care of myself and that of my family.

My relocation happened only after I was married and was blessed with a child. I was not satisfied with my condition in the village and I felt strongly to relocate in search of something better. I was convinced that my fortunes were in faraway land.

My search for better life took me to Lagos where I was introduced to a wealthy woman to work as a house help.  It was from there I was discovered and found out that interior designs fascinate me.

Interest In Internal Décor

While living in Lagos with Madam, each time I sit in the living room, something simply directs my attention to the beautiful interior designs and the ceilings. My Madam was careful to notice my interest on the interior designs of the ceilings. One day she asked why I was interested in looking up each time I was in the room. I simply responded by telling her that I was amazed at the creativity of the interior designs and told her I was interested in learning how to make such interior designs, especially the POP designs. She simply told me that it was job for the men and not ladies like me. And therefore should perish my thought.

I persisted and told her I was ready interested. After many weeks of persistence and pleadings, she promised to assist me if find someone to assist me. One day, someone came to visit her and she introduced me to the man. She said to her visitor: ‘This girl wants to learn interior design, particularly POP’.

Joy at work

The man looked at me and told me: ‘Young girl, interior designs are jobs for men and not for girls and ladies. Forget about it as you won’t fit into the job as you are too clean for such jobs’.

I insisted as I had told my Madam that I was still interested. When he seemed to have been convinced of my perseverance to learn the work, he promised to return someday and take me to site.  It took some months before he turned up one day and we went to a site.

‘Can you still learn this job that is for men?’

I nodded my headed and said, “I will.”

Few days later, my Madam assisted to pay the N70, 000 initial deposit out of the N150, 000 for the apprenticeship.

‘I have paid this down payment since you are insistent on learning this job. After the completion of your apprenticeship, you can hustle and pay the remaining sum’, my Madam told me.

I was grateful to her for giving me that opportunity  At the end of my apprenticeship, I begged my Oga to allow me hustle and pay the remaining N80, 000, he said: ‘Due to your sustained interest and your determination, I have waved away the  N80,000. Go and prosper and let the world enjoy your ingenuity”.

One of Joy’s designs

I was moved at the generosity of my Oga whose encouragement and kindness inspired me a lot. That same day I decided to also treat people who come my way with kindness, knowing that I am a beneficiary of such compassions from generous people.

The Journey So Far

Since I completed my apprenticeship, I threw myself into searching for jobs and building a team that can deliver interior designs. It has been difficult but I can assure you as a team we have stayed afloat some of these challenges. I have discovered that one needs not to lament over unemployment. I have done jobs for several clients who were satisfied with my works and recommended to other clients for more jobs.

More importantly, I am also engaged in imparting skills on interior designs to youths. I can confidently tell you that I can deliver all aspects of internal designs at a competitive cost. I don’t compromise quality and creativity.

Inspiration Behind Your Designs 

Let me tell you something that may sound strange to you. When I sleep, I dream of internal designs for homes and offices. Immediately I wake up, I immediately go to work and sketch these designs. From the ceilings to the walls, my designs are divinely inspired and I am not too interested in recreating designs that have been done by someone. From the sitting room to study and various aspects of home and office; from the bedroom and convenience, I recreate designs that can make you wants to return home always. Tell me what you want in terms of recreating the interior of your home and office, then, you can get it.

Message To Young Ladies

We are passing through a difficult time and it is normal for young ladies to abuse their flowery time by succumbing to pressures by menfolk. I get really sad when I see our young men and women wasting most the time by refusing to advance beyond menial jobs. If you don’t stand up and fight for your future by acquiring skills now, no one will help you. Lamentations won’t help and the absence of government jobs is making things to be more difficult. Ladies and young men should not deceive themselves as there is nothing like permanent youthfulness. So, young ladies should start thinking what happens to them after the glowing age of beauty that attracts men to them like bees to honey.

Message To Nigerians

I really want to appeal to Nigerians involved in building homes and engaged in property business to test my competence. I need help to move forward my vision to the next level. Interior decoration may be a man’s job, but I have worked so hard to attain excellence.

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