Nasarawa Losses N300m Annually To Poor Cashew Harvest


…As foreign market blacklist state
Farmers in Nasarawa State lose about N300m yearly due to poor harvest of cashew nuts in the state.
This was disclosed by the coordinator, trade and stability National Cashew Association of Nigeria (North Central), Mr Garba Ibrahim Kontagora.
Ibrahim said foreign markets have started rejecting produce from Nasarawa state due to poor harvest while investors have delisted produce from the state in the market.
He explained that for about two years, the state did not participated in national programmes on cashew production, adding that the decision by marketers to reject produce from Nasarawa State arose from poor quality harvest as most cashew nuts from the state are unripe and below standard.
Ibrahim further said; “Nasarawa State has the third best cashew nuts in the country but because of poor harvest, the state is now rejected in the foreign market while Kwara has taken over the place of the State.
“Last year we had a programme in Abuja where new seedlings were distributed but unfortunately Nasarawa was not present at the event which has affected the state negatively.
“With cashew nuts business, about 3000 youths can be gainfully employed because of the value chain from harvest to shipping”.
Ibrahim, who doubles as the Assistant vice president North (MCAN) and executive member of African Cashew Alliance, said farmers need to be
sensitized on the best practice on cashew production and quality.
He further said; “Farmers in Nasarawa need awareness on best practice for their products to be re-injected into world market because produce from the State has been blacklisted”.
Ibrahim also said that Nasarawa State did not participate in last year’s federal government programme where new seedlings from Brazil were distributed for improved yield.
He urged the state government to key into the new cashew programme initiated by the federal government to boost revenue generation and employment opportunities.

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