Osinbajo’s Ordeal Handiwork Of Political Desperadoes – Arewa Youth Group


BY AMOS TAUNA, KADUNA – The Arewa Youth Group has described the political impasse the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo is going through as intrigues, shenanigans, conspiracies and falsehood of political desperadoes who should not be taken serious.

A statement by the group’s spokesman, Mohammed Salihu Danbaba said; “We, as members of Arewa Youth Assembly have been watching very closely the vituperations falsehood and vendetta directed at the person and office of the vice president. 

“We have read series of paid advertorials where professional mudslingers at the urging of their sponsors took shots at the hardworking and God-fearing professor of law of evidence and law of proof.”

“We wish to use this medium to tell those political buccaneers who are sponsoring these hate-filled and lay laden advertorials to put an end to the despicable and damnable type of life style. 

“Although as a forum, we knew most of them are serial liars who are suffering from a rare character disorder known as dishonest integrity.

“Even when the Vice President’s achievements are indisputable, and has been reputed for unquestionable integrity, a man of truth, probity and honesty. He is a stabilizing force in Nigeria polity, a visionary performer who broker peace with Niger delta militants.

“The audacity of lies against Vice President cannot stand, the so called coup plotters and ethno-religious sentiment must be resisted, we must begin to build a Nigeria where tribe and religion are simply not a factor. 

“The Vice President is a man with depth and substance. Today as far as we are concern, the Vice President is a day in the legal profession with impeccable academic credentials and enviable devotion to duty that inspired his students and left on their minds indelible impressions as an archetypal teacher.

The Arewa Youth further said; “While our president was on sick bed, the acting President was busy strengthening the foundation of peace and stability across the country. We drank from your fountain of knowledge and benefited from your unstinting ethical, academic and political mentorship. 

“Prof. Yemi is no stranger to politics, administration and academic and almost every sphere of dealings in this country. His antecedents and contributions to the smooth socio-economic, political and economic running of Nigeria have stood the test of time and pressure, never wavering or bulking.

“Despite their perceived or chest rated campaign to smear the image of the Vice President. To us, he is a bridge builder, our indefatigable leader, his unprecedented achievement, honest, proactive leadership qualities, amiable disposition and goodwill will remain immortalised in the annals of Vice Presidentship in Nigeria.”

The group said that Prof Yemi is a leader that have a global inter-disciplinary perspective, strong communication skills, pointing out that while he was acting President, he was able to prioritised social justice and well-being over financial growth.

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