PDP, The Court Verdict And The Propaganda


“I have listened to senior Lawyers making their position known on the issue of justiciability of the claims and the rationale behind the verdict. Why then did the PDP put up a legal team? They just would have ignored the case since it is not justiciable following precedence from Supreme Court rulings”.


The verdict of the Federal High Court Abuja, given by Justice Ekwo jolted the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) hierarchy like a bolt from the blues. It was a classic example of a blindside happening.

The PDP had been too comfortable with their self-deceit and crass arrogance. The governor, Godwin Obaseki has been carrying on like a platoon commander, dealing brusquely with all, and demanding that deference and obeisance be showed to him. He carried on as though he had gone back to the future. He’s been wearing the garb of an emperor, boasting that as the leader of the PDP, he would have his way. But the law is an ass, especially when it is made to follow a rigid application of the letters and the spirit of the law as opposed to what many would see as common sense. Law does not pander to sentiments and propaganda. It doesn’t know the size of the appellants or the defendants. It follows the sequence of what is presented before it by way of evidence.

If the verity of the evidence of a case is confirmed, and the case is properly marshalled and argued, using apposite references and precedents, ordinarily the case is won and lost. Law is not like politics where one individual could sit in his bedroom, and deploy his whims and caprices, and then go on to pronounce a verdict over a primary election. In law, you have to adduce your points and produce your evidence and convince the judge, beyond reasonable doubt to prove your case; such that when the verdict is given, any discerning mind will assent to it.

The Federal High Court’s judgment of July 4th, concerning the PDP 2024 primaries flows from the corpus that bona fide delegates were prevented from carrying out their constitutional duties at the primary election that produced Asue Ighodalo as the so-called flagbearer of the PDP. These delegates are 378 in number. They were validly elected as delegates to participate in making the choice of who becomes the party’s governorship candidate for the election this year.

Knowing full well that PDP paraded more than one aspirant, because the party is heavily factionalised, the platoon commander, Godwin Obaseki, reportedly manipulated the process and unilaterally handpicked Asue Ighodalo, as the candidate. Much like picking the best looking cherry from the hedge-most discretionary. Indeed the judgment is a fitting poetic justice for the PDP. Politics is not worked alone! Sometime back, the PDP Vice-Chairman for the South-South geopolitical zone, Chief Dan Orbih warned the state leadership of the party, of the danger of conducting exclusive primaries that didn’t capture the authentic delegates. His admonition fell on deaf ears, and Governor Obaseki, seeing himself as the ultimate leader, together with a motley flock, went ahead with their plan. The consequence is what we have just read by the judgment. And the verdict has been nerve-breaking, and racking, especially for the over bloated ego, pompous PDP demagogues, who think they are the beginning and end of the party.

Now, let’s delve into the meat of the judgment, so that we can with acumen, debunk the rubbish the PDP is putting out. I have read a couple of spin stories they have launched, in a bid to misrepresent the verdict of the court. As usual, they are trying to carry out several surgical operations on this one; but they work in vain, for they work with a blunt scalpel; they say, one Barrister Adaze Enwanta is mis-representing the judgment and therefore, he will be reported to the National Judicial Commission for disciplinary action. This is merely diversionary.

Obaseki particularly is experiencing racking pain right now. I am told that all day he has been staring into space resembling something that may be thought to be sentient. Earlier, one could sense the racking pain of the PDP power apparatchik. Still steeping in this pain though, they needed to quickly rally their flock and provide some verbal narcotics to them, to sedate and prevent them from fleeing immediately, to greener pastures. And in their usual modus, they chose to lie to their people.

The judgement is clear: What the court simply said is that you can’t build something on nothing. Since bona fide delegates are the bedrock of the nomination process, excluding 378 of them has vitiated the process and population of those who ought to vote to choose a candidate. They were denied their inalienable right to vote, their franchise. As that was the case as established, then the outcome of that primary to the extent of that exclusion, is null and void; and of no consequence.

Delegates are the oil with which the yam of the primary is eaten. In this case, there was no yam and oil. Godwin Obaseki was accused by some chieftains and contestants that he just handpicked delegates inside the inner fulcrum of the Osadebe House, and guided them like flock, to endorse Asue Ighodalo as the flag bearer.

Anybody who watched the PDP delegates primary election would concede that it was a remote-controlled sham. They had already concluded on outcome even before they hurriedly put things together and arrived at the answer. What they showed us was a rehashed ribaldrous politics of endorsement that was unashamedly and overtly induced.

Governor Obaseki does not like confrontation or competition; he likes to live in his own world dishing out diktat like a dictator that he has suddenly become. Their dear hopeful, Asuen, was just being rail-roaded into a race he was not doubly convinced of. As a political rookie, he was following the dictates of his godfather, Obaseki, who tried to use him for a guinea pig experiment, wishing to strike gold. Asuen himself had lamented very recently that he never knew that the PDP was so factioned until he got the nod to fly the flag. They have the Phillip Shuaibu and Dan Orbih’s factions, Godwin Obaseki faction, legacy PDP faction, and the new PDP all masquerading as the authentic PDP.

As at today, as far as the law goes, Asue Ighodalo is not the candidate of the PDP. If it appeals the judgment and the position is overturned, that would mean a different thing altogether. At any rate, the judgment has injured the soul of the party; as meetings upon meetings are being held to re-strategise. This is what happens when an individual tries to assume the position of an all knowing, like Governor Obaseki has done. When the fall comes, the thud reverberates, and the exciting reaction is tumultuous. He is now helplessly loaded down by regret. Asuen should just quietly pack his belongings and return to Lagos, and await the arrival of his Achilles heel. Shameful! Eight years as a king, and then FOREVER, as a vagrant!!!

I have listened to senior Lawyers making their position known on the issue of justiciability of the claims and the rationale behind the verdict. Why then did the PDP put up a legal team? They just would have ignored the case since it is not justiciable following precedence from Supreme Court rulings. But the verdict of Supreme Court has a proviso, especially when Parties do not follow their own guidelines and constitution. You don’t make a pronouncement in isolation or selectively.

When the matter gets to the Appeal Court, another round of legal fireworks will commence, but as at today, this verdict stands. In all their arguments, they should be reminded that one cannot build something on nothing.

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