Senators Announce Donation of 50 Percent of Salaries to Fight Against COVID-19


…Fail to state if it’s basic or includes allowances

BY AMOS DUNIA, ABUJA – The Nigerian Senate on Monday announced the decision of its members to contribute 50 percent of their salaries to the efforts to respond to the spread and treatment of Corona virus in Nigeria.

The acting spokesman of the Senate, Senator Godiya Akwashiki, who announced the decision of Senators in a statement, did not however state if the 50 percent contribution has to do mainly with their basic salaries or includes their allowances.

A senator collects salary and allowances in the sum of N1,063,860 per month which when broken down shows that the Basic salary is N168,866:70, Motor vehicle fuelling & maintenance allowance- N126,650, Personal Assistant – N42,216:66, Domestic staff – N126,650, Entertainment, N50,660, Utilities – N50,660, Newspapers/Periodicals – N25, 330, Wardrobe-N42,216,66, House maintenance – N8,443.33 and Constituency – N422,166:66.

If the senators are to donate 50 percent of their basic salaries, it would amount to N168,866.70 less 50% which amount to N84,433.35 per senator while the 109 senators will give a total of N9,203,235.15.

However, if the senators are to donate their cumulative salaries and allowances, it would amount to N1,063,860:00 less 50% which would amount to N531,930 per senator while the 109 senators would give a total figure of N57,980,370. 

The senate was however silent on what the senators are to donate with regards to their basic or cumulative salaries and allowances.

However, the Senate Acting spokesperson, said the decision was arrived at after due consultations following a keen review of the national efforts to contain the Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria.

Akwashiki said; “The Senate wishes to announce that from March, 2020, Distinguished Senators will be donating 50 per cent of their salaries to these efforts to stop the spread of the disease, otherwise known as COVID-19, in our country.

“This monthly contribution from the Upper Legislative Chamber will be sustained until Nigeria is declared safe from the ravages of this deadly disease.

“The Senate commends the efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari and the administration towards the goal of securing our nation against this plague.” Akwashiki said that the Senate is willing and ready to do whatever is required of the legislature for the effectiveness of all the measures in place now or that may be required in the future to win the fight against this menace.

According to Akwashiki; “The Senate commends all agencies of the Federal and state levels for working in collaboration to protect public health across the country. It also acknowledges the patriotic response of public-spirited individuals and organisations who have contributed in one way or the other in support of this fight.

“The Senate further appeals to the citizens to comply with the directives on social distancing and observance of basic rules of hygiene as explained by  public health officials as the most effective way to protect ourselves, families and country against COVID-19.

“This is a global adversity that is testing the wit and resilience of mankind all over the world. By staying resolute and each of us responsibly playing their role, COVID-19 like all epidemics before it will soon be pushed into history.”

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