Donald J. Trump
After watching the massive MEGA rally in Washington on 14th November 2020, Mr. Oluyemi Olubunmi Adeleye wrote the following,


“Your rally yesterday was great! Giant crowd, positive energy and enthusiasm! This should be the beginning of a new revolution against corruption and fraud in the presidential election! Rallies and giant crowds are important! You are strong President Trump! Most people love you and support you. Looking at the giant crowds, parades and rallies that were supporting you all over the country, I’ve seen positive energy, love and support that I’ve never seen before! I’ve never seen an American President that is so popular both in the US and around the world! You are not just a president but a real leader! Keep fighting, President Trump! We are all behind you!  Make America Great Again! I trust that you will win!”


Yemi has echoed my sentiments and he has spoken very well. I too believe that President Donald J. Trump will be back in the White House regardless of what we see and hear. This is because I have faith in God’s word and promise and I believe in the ultimate triumph of good over evil and of light over darkness.


Yet it really does not matter which way the American Presidential election finally goes, what the Supreme Court will say when the matter is argued before them and who will be sworn in as President on January 20th, 2021.


Whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump eventually becomes the 46th President of the United States of America the following facts and assertions are still relevant and need to be explored and considered.


Most Biden supporters in Nigeria are not capable of reading more then three lines on any given day or any given topic but I would urge them to try and read this rather long contribution to the end and learn a thing or two about their preferred candidate and themselves. For the purpose of clarity I have broken the essay into three parts. This is part 1.  Relax, fasten your seatbelts, fly with me and enjoy the ride!


Permit me to begin with a quote that reflects the mindset of a typical Biden supporter. An anonymous commentator on the Suzan Ade-Coker-led Facebook Group known as Rant HG asked the following questions:


“Nigerians living in Nigeria who are Trump supporters, please give me one logical reason why you want Trump to win, asides from what your pastor told you (that Trump is saving Christianity and Biden is an Antichrist). It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! What has Trump done to influence your continent asides being a proud racist? Why do you want Trump in?

Millions of Americans both black, white and brown don’t even want him in. But some misguided Pastors  were organising rallies for him: is there something I’m missing? What manner of clownery is this?”


Shallow thinking indeed and the questions are as asinine as they are foolish. If only this pitiful soul had done his research and cultivated the presence of mind to know that there is far more to Trump than he is suggesting and that he did plenty for us in Nigeria he would be a much happier person and a more grounded intellectual.


They say that nine times out of ten the people that try to harm and destroy you are those that you helped in the past and that you gave succour and support to in their time of crisis and need.


Sadly this is a fact and nothing confirms it more than the way in which many Nigerians are now insulting President Donald J. Trump given what he has done for them in the past and the way he confronted President Muhammadu Buhari during a state visit at the White House and told him that the state-sponsored killings and targeting of our civilian population by Government forces, Islamist militias and terrorist organisations had to stop.


After that episode Trump’s support base in Nigeria surged and, according to a survey which I read in the Guardian Newspaper, no less than 50% of the Nigerian people became hardline Trumpians and ardent supporters of the American President.


Millions of Nigerians rooted and prayed for him during the November 3rd American presidential election and this was primarily because he stood up for our people and called Buhari out about the killing and persecution  of Christians in our country.


Permit me to remind you about his timely intervention.

On May 1st 2018 he said the following words to Buhari in the presence of the White House Press Corps with the whole world watching. He said,


“We have had very serious problems with Christians who are being murdered in Nigeria. We are going to be working on that problem very very hard because we cannot allow that to happen”.


If there was ever an indirect threat and poignant warning from any world leader about the atrocities that the Christian community were being subjected to in our country, that was it. But it did not stop there.


Last September Buhari himself revealed to the Nigerian people that during his visit to Trump in May 2018 the American President put the following question to him privately. He said he asked, “Why are you killing Christians in your country?”.


Nigerian Christians particularly appreciated these interventions from the most powerful man in the world and it certainly made a difference. As a matter of fact it helped to save many lives and Buhari was badly shaken.


Now that the American election has been conducted many Nigerians have had much to say and some have forgotten the efforts that Trump made in the past to save them from the bondage and tyranny that the Buhari presidency represents and the mass murder, ethnic cleansing, religious cleansing and genocide that our people have been subjected to over the last 5 years.


Though the result of the election is yet to be formally announced and despite the fact that many are of the view that, due to the allegations of rigging, Trump is going to remain in office and eventually be declared the winner, the supporters of Joe Biden and Kamalla Harris in Nigeria have done nothing but subject those of us that support Trump to insults, ridicule, curses, abuse, psychological trauma and literary terrorism ever since November 3rd simply because CNN, NBC, BBC, Fox News, Al Jazeera and virtually all the other mainstream media houses and international television networks have thrown caution to the wind and erroneously declared their preferred candidate as the winner.


They forget that 73 million Americans voted for Trump, which is the highest number of votes that any sitting President has ever received in American history and they overlook the fact that the results of the election have not been officially declared or formally certified by the relevant authorities.


More importantly they forget that Trump has refused to concede for good reason and that he has gone to court to dispute some of the results in a few of the crucial swing States.


Lost on them are the incontrovertible assertions of Conservative voices like the beautiful and brilliant Mrs. Candace Owens who wrote,


“The Democrats rigged a United States election in the middle of the night by dumping mail-in ballots. There would be no other reason to block audits of those ballots to confirm their legitimacy. The media and big tech is suppressing this truth from the world”.


Instead of accepting reality and considering the weight and veracity of Candace’s assertion the Nigerians, who are used to and have been accepting terribly rigged elections since they were born say things like  “just move on and accept the RESULTS!”


Worse still despite the fact that the matter is far from over, the boastful and arrogant claims of victory and the gratuitous insults from the Biden cheerleaders in Nigeria continue to flow all over the traditional and social media wherever and whenever anyone voices support for Trump.


This is especially so where they dare to say that they believe that at the end Trump will prevail and be declared winner.


That is the level of tyranny and fascism with which the Biden/Harris, lunatic/liberal/left tendency has infected the minds and hearts of their ignorant and excitable supporters in Nigeria. They are like the Roman mob in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: easily manipulated and as thick as two short planks.


Permit me to share just one example of their inglorious and shallow rhetoric and pernicious and specious nonsense right here. One of them, by the name of Mr. Kenny Adenugba, posted the following in a popular WhatsApp forum. He wrote,


“The matter is deeply burrowed in racial matters, which the evangelical right would mask in righteous fallacy of religious sentiments to hoodwink the unsuspecting.

A number of us aren’t deceived by the hues and cries of the respected fathers of American Christian faith who remain as bigoted as any white supremacist could be. Let no one misinterpret the scriptures and come to tell us about Cyrus. It’s all scam. Trumpism is the new movement for the fascist, supremacist crowd, and the white evangelical is the missionary unit. May the world be rid of Trumpian culture from this day forward”.


Harsh words indeed from Mr. Adenugba. Have you ever heard such arrogant balderdash before?


Thankfully in response to his unadulterated, uncouth and inexplicable drivel, a committed Trumpian by the name of Mr. Sina Kawonise, responded with the following in the same forum. He wrote,




“This is the kind of arrogance and insult one has been suffering from fascist liberals. While those who support Donald Trump concede the right of those opposed to him, we see anti-Trump partisans consistently labeling others as deplorable, hallucinated, immoral, and other negative adjectives. The individual that’s so sure of the correctness of his own partisan position to the point that he would tell-off 73 million Americans as foolish and immoral is actually the one that needs to check his own sanity.

It’s this delusion and hollow feeling of being correct to the exclusion of others that causes strife, which eventually leads to war. I support Donald Trump for several reasons that I’ve made clear on this platform and on others. If I don’t describe you as insane for your choice, why would you suggest that I am for my own choice? What kind of intolerance and violence is this?

As for the Christian who would suggest that fellow Christians who support Donald Trump are less Christian, on what scriptural authority do you stand?

You’re looking at the moral standing of the person, I’m looking at his policies as they affect me as a Christian. You’re right in your focus. But why do you condemn me for my own focus? I leave this Bible passage with the sanctimonious Christian who condemns his brethren as ‘Christian Right’: One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. Who are you to judge someone else’s servant?”


Mr. Kawonise’s response was eloquent, appropriate and comforting. The truth is that the misguided Philistine that he was responding to actually deserved far worse than that.


The fact of the matter is that members of the fascist liberal left have no tolerance for different views and they have mainly been brainwashed and misled by the local and international media and those that control them.


If you make one pro-Trump comment on Nigerian social or traditional media you will be met with one hundred well-orchestrated and choreographed insults from the gullible and garrulous fools who know next to nothing and who claim to be Biden supporters even though most of them have never even left the shores of Nigeria and spend most of their time hoping and praying for a visa to get out.


What makes the matter worse is the fact that the majority of Trump supporters, and there are millions of them in Nigeria, have kept quiet and have been intimidated and cowered into silence whilst fearing the worse. When you ask them why they are keeping quiet they tell you that they do not want to be targeted and insulted.


Thankfully yours truly does not buy into that bunkum or fall into the category of those that can be silenced or intimidated by anybody, least of all a Biden cheerleader, and the purpose of this contribution is to respond to those that take pleasure in insulting and mocking the Trumpian fold and that believe that they have won the day.


It is a response to those that believe that they are free to label Trump as a racist, a misogynist, a white supremacist, a dangerous and delusional sociopath, a malignant narcissist, a serial divorcee, a crook, a rogue, a wicked husband, a wife-beater, a delusional demagogue and a modern-day Hitler.


It is a response to those who call him a monster, a worshipper of mammon, a race-baiting and xenophobic religious bigot, a vicious ethnic cleanser, a vindictive homophobe, a serial liar, a sexual predator, a rapist, a megalomaniac, a demagogue, a capricious bully and a cruel, heartless, self-centered, self-absorbed, evil conman.


These are the sort of things that CNN and the mainstream media would have them believe.


This essay serves as a response to those that honestly believe such slanderous, libelous, perfidious, specious and disingenuous verbiage and toxic hogwash and yet say that we do not have the right to describe Joe Biden as a bumbling and fumbling village idiot and a senile and deceitful old fool who has lost touch with reality and who represents Satan on earth or call Kaballa/Kundalini Kamalla a power-lusting and ruthless Jezebel that is propelled and possessed by strong and unrelenting demonic spirits and dark forces.


It is a response to those that can best be described as the biblical ‘accusers of the brethren’ and that believe that they alone have a monopoly of literary aggression, verbal crudity and intellectual violence.


They know how to dish out insults to Trump and all his supporters but they cannot take them for Biden, Kamalla and themselves. Well that is the nature of the godless liberal/left for you! They are undoubtedly the true fascists of our time.


They say ‘we can attack you but you must not attack us’. They say ‘we can talk but you must keep quiet’. They say ‘we can scream victory and you dare not claim it’. They say ‘we lay down the rules of engagement and determine how you must think and live your lives and you dare not challenge it’.


That is the Orwellian mindset and totalitarian world that Biden and his spawn seek to create and establish. Mind control through witchcraft and the media and the manipulation of the unthinking masses is an art form with them and they are very good at it.


The way their supporters behave and the Pavlonian response that they offer to those that do not share their outlandish and godless views bears eloquent testimony to that.


Yet the truth is that they can try to control our words and thoughts and insult and denigrate us as much as they like: it changes nothing and it does not derogate from the fact that in the end Donald Trump shall prevail.


I speak for millions of his supporters all over this country and indeed the world when I say that we have had enough of the scripted tyranny of the Obama, Clinton and Biden liberal/left and their skewered vision of a New World order.


And on behalf of every true believer on earth today I say we shall not bow to them, to their Dark Lord or to the sinister and demonic forces that they worship and represent.


We shall keep speaking out, keep resisting, keep fighting, keep praying and keep punching until the very end and until Donald J. Trump is sworn in on January 20th 2021 as the 46th President of the United States of America and the leader of the free world.


There are a few exceptions to the rule but generally speaking Biden supporters in and outside of Nigeria, like much of the liberal/left, are ignorant and arrogant. It is a terrible combination.


Most of them reason like Buhari supporters. They are limited in intelligence, slow-thinking, morally bankrupt, spiritually blind, totally undiscerning and lacking in foresight, insight, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.


They are the the true deplorables: a bunch of low-life imbeciles and ghetto-born riff-raff who have no idea of the times that they are in or the nature of the dark forces that they are rooting for.


Worse of all many of them are only against Trump because they want American visas or they want to stay in America illegally or continue living on welfare if they are already there.


Ask them about the globalist agenda or the New World Order and they won’t even know what you are talking about.


Ask them about the “End Times” and the incremental imposition of a one faith, one world Government and fascistic totalitarian state where religion and God have no place and they get even more confused.


Ask them about the growing power and grave danger of Artificial Intelligence, the purpose and role of the RFID microchip, the numerological relevance of the numbers 666, the insidious and horrific agenda to reduce the population of the world, the purpose of Covid 19, the dangers of 5G or the gradual emergence and evil motivation for a cashless society and they will tell you that you are speaking Greek.


Ask them about the relevance of George Soros, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, the Rothschilds, the Windsors, the Bush’s and a handful of other names and families and what their role and contribution is to the establishment of a New World Order and they will tell you that you are speaking Hebrew and Swahili combined.


Ask them who and what the Bilderburg Group, the Bohemian Grove and the Illuminati are and they will tell you that there are no such things.


Ask them about the slow and steady rise and increasing power of the spirit of the Anti-Christ and they will say they do not believe a word of it.


Ask them about how all these things are relevant and linked to Biden, Trump and the outcome of the 2020 American presidential election and they will tell you that they are not.


Ask them what the role of China is in all this and what the real agenda of the Chinese Government is and they will tell you that China has no agenda and that it is a wonderful country with a wonderful government.


Ask them what the role of a company called Dominion and a software system called Smartmatic was in some “blue” states in the American presidential election they will tell you that they have never heard of either of the two and that they don’t know what you are talking about.


Ask them about the allegation that Dominion, which is owned by non-Americans including Venezuelans and which have Biden supporters on their Board of Directors, fraudulently procured millions of votes for Biden at the last minute through the mail-in ballots system when they saw that he was losing in ALL the swing states, they will shout and scream and tell you that “ISEE LIE!”.


They will go further by telling you that such things only happen in Africa and cannot happen in America because Americans are angels that never cheat, never lie, never rig elections, never do anything wrong and are second only to God. That is how gullible and naïve some of the Trump-haters and Biden lovers in Nigeria are.


Ask them about the fact that one of Biden’s campaign managers by the name of Dallas Jones was arrested by the FBI for electoral fraud and rigging the presidential election they will say that it never happened.


Ask them about the extraordinary efforts of the brilliant lawyer called Sidney Powell and the damning evidence that she has managed to unearth about the activities of Dominion and the corrupt nature of the Smartatic software that was used in some states during the election and they will say “I BEG DROP THIS MATTER!”.


That is how shallow and irredeemable they are. Blinded by well-orchestrated lies that are churned out on a daily basis by the international and local television networks coupled with a complex web of disinformation, doublespeak and deceit they are simply incapable of scratching below the surface and digging deep. As far as they are concerned the matter is closed because CNN etc. and the Biden campaign team has said so.


Lost on them is the fact that, as Mr. Opeyemi Agbaje  rightly argued,


“all the sins they accuse Trump of are his personal sins while all the things Democrats seek to do involve changing the way of life of society as a whole against God! So that’s it for those who continue to think evangelicals don’t know what they are doing! That’s what evangelicals understand that you don’t!!! Now do a list of Trump’s policies for society as a whole-


  1. Appointing judges who may not favour mass abortion.


  1. Appointing judges who may not favour extending LGBTQ.


  1. Appointing judges who will defend religious freedom e.g. of a Christian Baker to refuse to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple; or a Catholic hospital not to be forced to perform abortions.


  1. Recognising Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel.


  1. Allowing us to celebrate “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”.


  1. Affirming the truth that America was founded on Judeao-Christian principles and origins.


  1. Defeating ISIS and reducing global Islamist terrorism.


  1. Peace deals between Israel and UAE, Oman and Sudan, 3 Arab nations.


  1. Defending and strengthening the state of Israel.


  1. Subduing Iran.


I could go on an on! Evangelical Christians are not fools. Its strange that any Christian should think they are!!!”


Agbaje is right. Given all this, how it could be surprising to anyone that virtually every single evangelical Christian on the planet today and not just those in America, is rooting and praying for Trump baffles me. It is their duty to do so and nothing under the sun can stop them.


Again if you tell Biden supporters that claim to be Christians that hundreds of great and reputable men of God and tried and tested Prophets from all over the world like Emmanuel Kobe, Emmanuel Jatau, Kenneth Copeland, Sid Roth, Pat Robertson. Sadhu Selvaraj, Denise Goulet, Mark Goulet, Mark Taylor, Chris Oyakhilome, Franklin Graham, Michelle Bachmann, Kat Kerr, Stella Immauel, Lance Wallnau, Mark Burns, Paula White, Curt Landry, Kevin Zadai, Gregg Lock, Patrick Wooden, Joseph Okechukwu, Isaac Idahosa, Claudia Tcharpornu, Emmanuel Magba, David Azzaman, Abraham Azaza and the late Kim Klement all said that Trump would serve a second term and that other great and respected men of God like our very own Prophet T.B. Joshua (a man for whom I have immense respect and affection) said it would be a very close election, that there would be a recount in some states, that the matter would end up in court and that the newest and latest Justice of the  Supreme Court, Justice Amy Coney Barret, would play a key role in the matter, they will say they do not believe.


They would rather believe in CNN, Fox News, NBC, Big Tech, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the gods of this world than in the words of the servants of the Most High God.


Such lack of faith, spiritual blindness and moral turpitude is a tragedy of monumental proportions. It speaks volumes about the level to which the minds of these misguided and mainly unenlightened and uneducated miscreants have degenerated to.


They do not know or even care to know about the things of the spirit or the mind of God. They only know and care to know about satisfying their reprobate cravings, sensual fantasies and filthy perversions and indulging in the things of the world.


Gripped by the compelling power of the lust of the eye, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life they are as carnal and worldly as ever.  They do not care about what God says, feels or wants but only about what their corrupt souls, soiled spirits, repugnant appetites, disgusting instincts and insatiable stomachs crave.


Worse of all is the fact that they have little knowledge about how the world works, how it is run, who runs it and the systematic attempt by those insidious forces to undermine the sovereignty of God in the name of liberalism and the permissive state.


Lost on them are the words of brilliant and incisive Trumpians like Mr. Joseph C. Okechukwu who wrote,


“The liberal/left that Biden and Harris represent equals the sexualisation of children, the normalisation of pedophilia, the demonisation of conservatives, the hatred of God, the disdain of morality, the encouragement of the break-down of the family unit, the promotion of socialism, the opening of borders, the propagation of globalisation and the cheating and stealing of elections”.


Such insightful, incontrovertible and unassailable assertions are beyond their comprehension and understanding and cannot be accommodated by their brain due to its low intelligence quotient.


They are victims of mind-control and they have been misled, blinded and deluded by Satan and the media. They are indeed a pitiful lot.


Needless to say they see Trump and those of us that love and support him as fascists and right wing religious extremists simply because we espouse and refuse to rescind or reject our core Christian beliefs and values.


We believe that God rules in the affairs of men but they believe that men themselves are gods and that Satan has the right to sit at the table.


Biden’s most naïve, gullible and incredulous supporters throughout the world are in Nigeria. I say this because they have forgotten the significant role that he and Obama played in opposing President Goodluck Jonathan and removing him from power by openly supporting Buhari in 2015.


They did that simply because Jonathan refused to pass a law which would have allowed gay marriages after they told him to do so. If anyone doubts this they should ask Jonathan. Obama’s media advisor David Axelrod also played a key role and his company was well paid for it.


They were the ones that came up with the “change” slogan which Buhari used and they also covered up the fact that the election was massively rigged by INEC in favour of Buhari. Actually they advised them on how to do it and assured them of American support in the event of any resistance from the sitting Government.


The truth about how they helped to organise the Chibok girls abduction and undermine Jonathan’s credibility and fight against Boko Haram is yet to be told.


And the words of the beautiful lady who gave Chief MKO Abiola a poisoned cup of tea after which he dropped dead at her feet 16 years earlier when she was Bill Clinton’s Undersecretary of State for Africa, Susan Rice, and who by then was Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor, to two key members of Jonathan’s Government (one a Minister and the other a National Security Advisor) that it was the intention of America to destabilize and discredit the Nigerian Federal Government and that they were committed to removing Jonathan from power spoke volumes.


Most leaders of the American Democratic Party are intrinsically evil, wicked and heartless people even though they give the impression of being the opposite and Obama and Biden were the architects of this perfidious and evil policy on Nigeria. Yet it is the same people that have been complaining for the last four years about Russian interference in the 2016 American presidential election which brought Trump to power. Such hypocrisy.


Everything that our people have suffered over the last five years is because of what Obama and Biden did to us then even though many may not know it. They were conned then and they are being conned again today.


They conned and rigged the Nigerian people by helping Buhari in 2015 and now they are attempting to con and rig the American people using the same fraudulent tactics.


Worse of all is the fact that their hatred for Trump is so profound, so deep, so obsessive, so delusional and so irrational that they forget that he is the only foreign President, past or present, that has dared to call Buhari out for the killing and persecution of Christians in our country. How easily we forget our helpers and those that care for us.


Yet this means nothing to them. Buying the hogwash on CNN and the BBC and getting a visa to live happily ever after living on welfare, washing plates and driving taxis in Biden’s America is far more important to them and that is their dream. Frankly they deserve to be pitied.


Now most Biden supporters cannot read or concentrate for too long and this essay may be too much of a handful for them but let us hope they can learn something from the following insightful words which were written by a Trumpian by the name of Mr. Oscar Nzeh. He wrote,


“During the American Presidential Campaigns Africans preferred a candidate above the other almost purely based on AMERICAN problems: health care, stands on abortion, economy, environment etc. They liked or hated a candidate for the same reasons Americans liked or hated a candidate and not uniquely with respect to African interests as if we were Americans and not Africans. Here was my priority;


  1. While Michelle Obama was holding that placard in solidarity with Nigeria demanding the release of the more than 200 abducted Chibok girls by Boko Haram, her husband with his Vice president JOE BIDEN were refusing to sell military gear and helicopters to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram. Why? Goodluck Jonathan signed the Same Sex Prohibition Act.


  1. While she was holding that placard, Obama-Biden administration refused to share military intelligence needed to crush Boko Haram with Nigeria. Why? Because of the Same Sex Prohibition Act.


  1. Obama-Biden administration acted to prevent Israel from selling military wares to Nigeria to fight Terrorism. Why? Because of the Same Sex Prohibition Act.


  1. Obama-Biden administration refused to add Boko Haram to the Terrorism Watch List which meant that: Boko Haram accounts were not frozen even when CIA detected them; Boko Haram members were not put on No-Fly list; America would not commit Military resources and direct actions to fight Boko Haram.


Thousands of people were being slaughtered and bombed by Boko Haram in the North East and Obama and Biden valued a political agenda above lives. Yet Trump is the bad guy? Maybe Bad guy for America but good guy for me, as a Nigerian.


On the other hand:


In 2017 President Trump after winning the election approved the $600 million sale of 12 Embraer A-29 Super Tucanos, light attack aircrafts equipped with wing-mounted machine guns, weapons integration with advanced surveillance… precision-guided bombs, and even air-to-air missiles. Nigeria had been trying to acquire the aircraft since 2015 under Obama-Biden.


5; Obama-Biden administration directly interfered with Nigerian presidential election by


  1. A) Obama made a video directly asking Nigerians to vote for the “next chapter” in reference to Buhari. That’s a direct interference and criminal according to international laws.


  1. B) Obama “lent” the opposition party his campaign manager David Axelrod to foist a DICTATOR, Muhammadu Buhari on us. Yes Obama and Biden are responsible for the present woes of Nigeria under Buhari.


  1. C) Obama sent John Kerry, his Secretary of State to Nigeria on the EVE of election to meet with the opposition party leadership. According to President Goodluck Jonathan on BBC: “Obama’s interference in our election was overwhelming.”


  1. Cut aids to Nigeria over the Same Sex Prohibition Act.


Did you also notice that nobody asked Joe Biden about Libya? After Obama bombed Libya and effected a criminal regime change there, he turned around and called it a “SHIT SHOW”. I know you didn’t know that.


All you know is when Trump called some countries a shit hole. Because that’s all the media allowed you to know.


My preference for Trump is not based on how good he is for America or not but by how good he is for Africa. Not based at all on his personality but foreign policy


Obama and Biden are the fox with a fatal smile, to Africa. Trump is the outright wolf who DID NOT attack Africa.


As an African, I take the man who is a racist but doesn’t interfere or bomb me, the racist who sells me arms to fight terrorists over the Mr. Nice Guy who has blood on his hands – the blood of all slain by Boko Haram and in Libya and more.


This is why many Nigerians love Trump. It is those that are alive that can start talking about immigration. Because many Nigerians are poor, they don’t feel the anti-immigration policy of Trump, but they can feel Boko Haram. TRUMP helped us where it mattered most”.


Oscar, a clear-thinking, insightful and great Trumpian, has said it all. I need say no more.


Permit me to add the words of yet another courageous young Trumpian by the name of Mr. Igho David. He wrote the following,


“Now you will agree Facebook is just another branch of the angry leftist media. Facebook has removed the title “President” from President Trump’s page. Watch as Nigerian Trump haters in Nigeria and America will applaud Facebook, but will turn around to cry blue murder over Buhari wanting to regulate social media in Nigeria”.


This is yet another brilliant observation. Let us hope Biden’s Nigerian supporters get the message and learn from it.


May God cure every Trump-hater of his or her blindness and open their eyes and may He, in His infinite mercy and wisdom, heal their diseased minds, bodies, spirits and souls.


I shall end this contribution with the incisive and prophetic words of Mr.  Oluyemi Olubunmi Adeleye He wrote,


“Now they are releasing the vaccines because they think that Biden won the election. Coronavirus was created and released by China to ruin the economy and the health system and to turn people against President Trump, so that they can make Biden and their allies win the elections. There is a secret alliance that includes China, the deep state, the corrupt political establishment, the mainstream media, the big tech companies, the globalists and the Democrats led by Biden, Kamala and Obama. They have a secret plan to take over the USA and turn it into a Chinese colony to serve the Globalists. And the release of the coronavirus was their way to turn people against President Trump who was against their plans and who has been defending the sovereignty and independence of the USA. Now they think that they won, so they are releasing the vaccines. But what they don’t know is that they didn’t win because President Trump will expose the fraud in the presidential election process and will arrest and prosecute Biden, Kamala, Obama and everyone involved in it. President Trump will stay as the President for 4 more years and will Make America Great Again!!”


I could not agree more with Mr. Adeleye. I daresay that these words were not revealed to him by flesh but by the Spirit of the Lord.


Let us hope the the Obama, Biden, Hilary Clinton and Kamalla-loving liberal/left fascists and gung ho diehard globalists in our midst learn a thing or two from his counsel and appreciate what is about to hit them.


I conclude with the encouraging and deeply inspiring words of President Trump’s utterly brilliant, beautiful and alluring lawyer, Sidney Powell. She said,


“We will not be intimidated…We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who vote for freedom”.


And so it shall be in Jesus name! Shalom.


Chief Fani-Kayode is a former Minister of Aviation


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