Those Calling Nigeria Well Must Have Their Heads Examined – Obasanjo


BY SEGUN ADEBAYO – Former President Olusegun Obasanjo says those saying all is well with Nigeria as of today must ultimately be unwell themselves.

He said for such people, it is the height of deceit and insincerity, adding that it would not be out of place to have their heads medically examined given such obviously skewed and poor appreciation of current happenings in the country.

Speaking at the Wilson Badejo Foundation 15th annual lecture in Lagos, Chief Obasanjo said; “Nigeria is not where it is supposed to be today. If anyone says it is okay where we are at the moment, then the person’s head needs to be properly examined”.

He said it is important for Nigerians to vote in the right candidate in 2023 because the progress of the country is at stake, warning thus; “It is either we make the right choice in 2023 because if we make the right choice, we would get there”.

According to Obasanjo; “If we do not make the right choice in 2023, things would consume us and we pray against that one. We must make the right choice in 2023.

“My friend, late Ahmed Joda, used to tell me that God has given us everything a nation needs and there’s no need for prayers because if God has given you everything and you squandered it, then something is wrong.

“I told him that even at that, we still need prayers as a nation because what is good needs prayers and on the other side too, we still need more prayers.”

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