Tinubu The Tribal President



President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has demonstrated that he is the President of his Yoruba tribe and not the entire nation.

Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission has said it is relocating its key offices to Lagos. For what?

The reason being given by the commission in a memo dated 14th February 2024, “is the need to enhance our services delivering, reduce operational costs and make adequate utilization of the commission’s assets in Lagos.”

The crude oil and gas are produced majorly in the South South with Delta as the highest oil and gas producing state in Nigeria as seen in the derivations status from federal allocation among crude oil and natural gas producing states.

What assets are in Lagos in oil and gas production and export? The entire business of oil and gas takes place majorly in the South South including the export terminals.

All the asset of oil and gas production are in the South South and nothing is in Lagos than offices and computers. Are those oil and gas assets?

The offices left by Shell after divestment are empty in Warri and can accommodate the entire NNPC and its subsidiaries, including the Nigerian Petroleum Regulatory Commission.

The money spent by Nigerian Regulatory Commission and NNPCL and subsidiaries to be flying helicopters from Lagos and Abuja to Warri on a daily basis is wasteful and uneconomical.

Tinubu no longer hides his tribalism and hatred against the people of the South South whose land sustains the entire country. Why relocating oil Commission and NNPCL key offices to Lagos that has no contributions of oil production down to the export and marketing that are in South South.

Tinubu came with a mindset to further marginalise the South South people. Tinubu should be reminded that he is the President of the entire country and not of his Yoruba tribe alone.

What useless enhancement of business is the commission referring to? Oil and gas business and regulation will be enhanced if the NNPCL and its subsidiaries and regulatory commissions are relocated to Warri.

What operational costs are they saving in Lagos to be flying helicopters to Warri every day? What are they regulating and supervising in Lagos?

Shame on them. Must they play politics with everything in Nigeria?

Tinubu and his Upstream Petroleum Commission have transferred over 200 staff of Nigerian Regulatory Petroleum Commission from Abuja to Lagos. To do what in Lagos? To sit idle in office doing nothing since there is nothing in oil and gas sector to supervise and regulate in Lagos.

They will spend more money to hire and buy helicopters to transport staff to Warri and stay in hotels.

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