Buhari and Trump...another relationship strain?

The US-Nigeria Law Group (USNLG) has applauded the decision of the United States Government to impose visa sanctions on officials and individuals who have undermined Nigeria’s electoral integrity, sabotaged its democracy and robbed Nigerian citizens of the God-given right to self-determination through free and fair elections.

The USNLG said the action showed that the US followed through on its promises and its (USNLG) call to do so adding that it also confirmed as did most observers the charade of shame that foisted a failed and lifeless regime back on a disillusioned citizenry for another dreadful four years.

This is as it also condemned the arbitrary rate hikes in fuel and electricity rates at a time when most of the civilized world is ameliorating conditions for citizens rather than worsening things for them.

A statement by the convener o the USNLG Mr Emmanuel Ogebe Esq. expressed the hope that the principal beneficiary of the stolen mandates will also be subjected to the visa restrictions regardless of diplomatic passports.

Ogebe said that further to the USNLG post-election report of 2019, it urged that University academics who acted fraudulently as electoral officers should also be similarly banned from sabbaticals and fellowships abroad so as not to export their brand of brigandage outside the shores of Nigeria.

The USNLG said that those who took power in Nigeria through a militarized and surreptitious coup against the will of the people, needed to be reminded that ultimately power belongs to God and that divine intervention can neither be rigged nor appealed against.

The USNLG continued; “We urge further that it is not too late to make amends impending elections and in governance.

“We similarly urge the US and allies to ban officials and persons who have justified, funded and otherwise enabled the anti-Christian genocide with impunity in Nigeria.

“Finally we condemn the continuing harassment of Dr Obadiah Mailafia for boldly mentioning the information available to him, and discernible by most, by the security services.

“Nigerian security forces should focus on the violent perpetrators and not on distinguished academics. Rather than interrogate Benue kidnap kingpin and confessed ex-Fulani militia operative ‘Gana’ when he surrendered, the security forces killed him. Yet he was the only one known to have publicly exposed the tri-state terror master plan of the killer herdsmen and the funding amongst others.

“Having intentionally silenced their greatest potential intelligence haul, they’re now straining an Oxford trained academic for intelligence which is nothing short of a travesty that hints at complicity,” the USNLG said.


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