The triumph of General Muhammadu Buhari at the April 2015 presidential polls conducted by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) remains a watershed in the history of those who persist on their dreams, despite many hurdles thrown on their paths. That he eventually emerged as president after four shots at the presidential polls reveals his indissoluble resilience not to cave in to defeat. The unwavering disposition by Buhari, who is now a born again democrat, clearly indicates that no wall is high enough to diminish the capacity of man to realise his dream, no matter the existence of almost insurmountable difficulties brought to bear by the winds of circumstances. In supporting Buhari to return to the corridors of power, the electorate were desirous of deploying GMB’s discipline and morality to bear on the Nigerian society whose foundation has been anchored on corruption. Over six months after he returned to power through the ballot box, Nigerians’ initial optimism that greeted his inauguration is slowly fizzling out, with some of his die-hard supporters wondering if actually they knew what they went for by electing him at the polls. The sunshine of hope that emerged on the nation’s horizon, following the defeat of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is being replaced with the winter of seeming regrets, as the quick fixes expected of the new administration is far from being in place. Nigeria’s impoverished citizenry still grapple with the challenges of making sense out of the prevailing economic hardship that has nose-dived for the worse. The initial light at the end of tunnel has gone out, just as pessimism is slowly conquering the hearts of men and women who remain strangulated by the claws of poverty. Often fraught by outages, the power situation, which had improved in the initial weeks after May 29, is racing back to darkness, as owners of GENCOS and DISCOS have perfected strategies in explaining their inability to deliver on their promises. While CEOs of these power generating and distributing firms are smiling home with millions of naira every month as salaries and allowances, the nation’s vision to attain improved power for the country has become clueless. Over six months after the electorate chased away PDP from the corridors of power, the inheritors of Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) seem to be on vengeance mission, as they unleash indescribable gloom on power consumers who are now missing the glorious era of NEPA. The return of fuel to petrol stations during the initial weeks of the Buhari government is gone, as motorists are forced to patronise thousands of youths who have been turned into mobile fuel stations. Both the rich and poor are now sufferers in a system created by endemic corruption and being enjoyed by black market oil dealers. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has become helpless in tackling the situation; just as the recent payment of over N400 billion to fuel importers is yet to bring succour to hapless citizens. In the midst of these sufferings, Nigerians have been regaled with stories of how the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA), then headed by Col Sambo Dasuki (retd), was turned into a clearing house for paying funds into everything imaginable. From security, the office was turned into the paymaster for spiritual affairs, electricity tariffs, media adverts, etc. To think that the founder and owner of the African Independent Television (AIT), High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, was allegedly paid a whopping sum of N2. 1 billion as advert money without releasing a paltry sum of N100 million to pay his staff, who have no pay day just as the donkey, amounts to man’s inhumanity to man. With the economy still refusing to come out of the woods, the absence of economic blueprint by the Buhari Government has not encouraged foreign investors to return to the country after they fled over fears on the outcome of the 2015 polls. The naira-dollar exchange rate, which stands at N280 to $1, has sent scaring signals, with many Nigerians predicting heady days for the future. With the economy in the hands of foreigners, and the saboteurs of our economy recruiting non-Nigerians to protect their interest, Buhari’s administration must work its electoral promises and emancipate the poor from 16 years of PDP’s misrule. Every Nigerian understands that the task of emancipating this nation from the wicked elite could turn out an intriguing exercise. Equally, it is a fact that those who are beneficiaries of corruption won’t just allow any attempt by the government to upturn the tables against them. They possess the capacity to frustrate Buhari, as they have cronies and sympathisers in the corridors of power. They will rather prefer a situation where the rot that has held this country by the jugular is allowed to continue. Buhari was elected to improve on the wellbeing of the Nigerian people. If he concentrates his energies on pursuing thieves that are almost innumerable, he will send the suffering masses into more distressful times. The masses have always depended on the morsels that fall from the tables of these wicked and greedy people. The President must find a way of improving our lives and at the same time catching these thieves who robbed us blind while in the corridors of power.


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