COVID-19: Harvard Expert Predicts 200,000 Deaths In US By  September


There are fears that United States may witness over 200,000 deaths from the coronavirus at some point in September 2020, a leading expert predicted

The head of Harvard’s Global Health Institute, Ashish Jha told CNN in an interview on Wednesday that without drastic action, the number of US deaths would continue to march on.

Jha insist the authorities at all levels must up their game in order to ensure the virus outbreak does not continue to wreck havoc on the American populace.

“Even if we don’t have increasing cases; even if we keep things flat, it’s reasonable to expect that we’re going to hit 200,000 deaths sometime during the month of September,” Jha said.

According to the expert, “And that’s just through September. The pandemic won’t be over in September.”

Jha added: “I’m really worried about where we’re going to be in the weeks and months ahead.”

So far, figures of US coronavirus-related deaths totalled 112,895 on Wednesday, the worst in the world.

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