BY AHMED TUKUR, LAFIA – Nasarawa State Government has said that inmate, who test positive to COVID-19 will not be allowed into the six Correctional Centres across the state.
The new policy was announced by the State Director of Public Health, Dr Ibrahim Alhassan when he visited the Lafia Correctional Centre on Tuesday.
Alhassan said that test will be conducted on inmates at the point of entry and then placed on quarantine for 14 days within the facility before allowing them  access to other facilities and other inmates
He explained that sample of inmates will be taken for test and those that are positive will be isolated outside the correctional centre.
The Public Health director also said that the state government will provide facilities and equipment at the designated quarantine area within the Correctional Centres in the state.
According to Alhassan; “For preparation to start collecting inmates, we will ensure that samples of inmates coming to the Centers will be taken for test and placed on quarantine.
“Those who test positive will be taken to isolation Centre outside the facility so as not to endanger others in the correctional facility.
“We are going to provide hand washing machines, infrared thermometer, mattresses, beds and other necessary equipment to ensure that the inmates are well taken care of during the 14 days quarantine period.
“You know that since the outbreak of the COVID-19, Correctional Centres stopped collecting inmates and now that they are about to begin, we need to ensure the safety of other inmates and officers at the
Centers,” he said.
Alhassan also said that the State Ministry of Health will liaise with the State Judiciary to ensure that the number of inmates taken to the Correctional Centres do not exceed the number of space available at
the moment.
According to him; “At the moment, the designated quarantine centre at the Lafia Correctional Centre can only accommodate 28 people. So, it is incumbent on us to liaise with the judges to ensure that we don’t have crowded situation at the facility”.
He said that the State Ministry of Health will train health personnel working at the Correctional Centres on how to handle cases of COVID-19 and safety of other person working at the Centres across the state


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