Recap of the last few hours after President Donald Trump left the hospital following his negative test result

  • Wear your mask – Biden tells Trump

Anxiety over Trump’s recovery

President Donald Trump left Walter Reed hospital, where he was being treated for coronavirus. He wore a mask while leaving the hospital and as he walked from Marine One to the White House. He then removed his mask to pose for photographs, while standing near photographers.

“Trump still has the coronavirus, is still contagious, and according to CDC guidelines, should remain in isolation until at least 10 days after his diagnosis, which came in the early hours of Friday”, several reports quoted competent hospital sources

Trump’s personal physician, Sean Conley, said the president met the discharge requirements but was “not entirely be out of the woods yet”. He said Trump would take another dose of remdesivir before leaving the hospital, his fourth. Conley repeatedly refused to say when Trump’s last negative test was, which would have implications for contract tracing and provide more context to the timeline of when the president knew he had Covid. It also raised questions about whether Trump was being tested for coronavirus every day, which the White House said it would do. “I don’t want to go backwards,” Conley said.

President Trump plans to participate in next debate, a spokesman for the president’s campaign said. The debate is due to be held on 15 October. On Thursday last week, before Trump announced that he had tested positive, his re-election campaign rejected calls to change the rules of the next two presidential debates after the first chaotic event in Cleveland was marred by constant interruptions and outbursts. The debate’s host, Chris Wallace, has since said that Trump also did not wear a mask while on a walk-through before the debate, and that “there was an honour system” when it came to testing negative.

The Cleveland clinic said on Monday that Trump’s name was on a list of names of people who had tested negative for the coronavirus before last Tuesday’s presidential debate, but added that it had not reviewed the results. “The submitted names, including that of the President and former Vice President Joe Biden, were reviewed by the Cleveland Clinic. However, the Clinic did not have to review actual test findings or see proof of negative results,” the clinic spokesperson told CNN. “She also said the date of the test was not required.”

President Trump tweeted a video in which he said of the virus, “Don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it.” Coronavirus has already killed 210,117 Americans – or one in every 1,560 people in the country. He also said “the vaccines are coming momentarily”, just as the Times published a report saying senior White House officials are blocking guidelines designed to make sure the vaccine is safe – but which mean it would be unlikely to be approved before the election.

Wear your mask – Joe Biden tells Trump. Shortly after President Trump’s display, Joe Biden held a town hall in which he repeatedly stressed the importance of masks. He also tweeted several times about this. “I would hope that the President having gone through what he went through will communicate the right lesson to the American people: Masks matter. They save lives,” Biden said.

Donald Trump’s top spokesperson, Kayleigh McEnany, announced she had tested positive for coronavirus on Monday, in yet another escalation of a rampaging outbreak that hospitalised the President and threw the White House into disarray.

Anxiety in White House: Citing an anonymous source, Vanity Fair magazine reported on Monday that Donald Trump Jr was worried by his father’s behaviour and had sought help from his siblings in “staging an intervention”.

White House blocks new coronavirus vaccine guidelines – Report. The New York Times reported that senior White House officials are blocking new federal guidelines for the release of a coronavirus vaccine. The stricter guidelines include a provision “that would almost certainly guarantee that no vaccine could be authorised before the election on 3 November, according to people familiar with the approval process”, which is what the officials are objecting to.

The White House will not perform contact tracing for attendees of the Rose Garden event celebrating the supreme court nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, despite confirmed infections of at least 11 attendees, according to a new report by the New York Times. The Rose Garden ceremony for Barrett has drawn scrutiny as a potential “super-spreader” event. Attendees neither wore masks nor practiced social distancing.
Attendees who subsequently tested positive for COVID-19 include Donald Trump, Melania Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Senator Mike Lee, Senator Thom Tillis, the Rev John Jenkins, Chris Christie and Kayleigh McEnany. – The Guardian


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