Easter: Imbibe Lessons Of Sacrifice, Care, Spiritual Reflection – Gov Alia Tasks Benue People


Governor Hyacinth Alia of Benue State has tasked the people of the state to continue to imbibe and practice in their daily lives the lessons of sacrifice, care for the needy, deep spiritual reflection and love for all humankind, irrespective of tribe, religion or sect, observed during the fasting.

This was as Governor Alia assured that his government would remain committed in its vision to take the state out of the woods and cater to the needs of all teeming citizens irrespective of religion or political affiliation.

Rev Fr Alia, who stated these while felicitating with the people of the State at Easter, described holy event as a feast and festival of triumph of faith over fear.

Governor Alia also said that in these difficult times, the example set by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ—the pain, the sacrifice, the triumph and the message of love and hope echo with timeless resonance.

In his words; “Easter is a feast and festival of triumph of faith over fear. It follows the holy season of Lent during which as Christians we fast, pray and spread the gospel of love.”

The Governor further said; “Easter symbolizes the triumph of faith over despair and an affirmation that weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.

“Jesus set a prime example of sacrifice that has continued to resonate with people of all races, class and creed through the ages. It is this type of self-sacrifice that we must make if we must move our dear state forward.

“As a government we recognize the difficulties our people now face in trying to live from day to day and make ends meet. But we must not falter.

“More than ever before, we must show resilience in weathering the storm of hardship and in a recessive economy.

“We face challenges on many fronts. Insecurity is widespread even as the masses of our people continue to be internally displaced. Hunger is a big menace due to acute food shortages.

“We must tackle these problems long and hard. And just like Jesus triumphed, we too shall overcome.

“We pray that the blessings and lessons of Easter will spread throughout our state and make us all better, first as individuals, and as a people,” the governor said.

A statement by Sir Tersoo Kula, Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Benue State, said that Alia prayed God to bestow grace upon the people of the state and bless the state so that righteousness will flow like a mighty river in the land at all times.

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