Sen Shehu Sani

BY AMOS DUNIA, ABUJA – Senator Shehu Sani, who represented Kaduna Central Senatorial District in the National Assembly from June 2015 to June 2019, has declared that information planted in the media by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), while he was in the agency’s custody concerning him were outright false and nothing but bacterial and fungal infested concoctions, typical of the anti-graft style.

This is just as he pointedly accused the Ibrahim Magu-led EFCC of deliberate arm-twisting and breach of his fundamental rights during his 30-day incarceration in an underground detention in the anti-graft’s facility.

Sani, who stated these in a statement he personally signed, said that the EFCC can continue to frame and detain him but can’t silence him, even as he assured that he would abide by all the conditions of his bail.

He said; “The rule book of (Joseph) Stalin, the manual of (Adolf) Hitler or road map of (Benito) Mussolini should not be the guidance and the compass of the nation’s security and anti-corruption agencies in their quest to sanitise our country.”

While appreciating the courage, compassion and wisdom of the court in granting him bail, Sani noted that in an ideal democratic state, all agencies of the government are obliged to operate within the dictates and the ambit of the rule of law else the nation leaps into tyranny.

The former member of the National Assembly, said with the style of the EFCC, the country would continue to be at the bottom strata of the Transparency International index as long as it continue to use only their might and arsenal to crush ants while lacking the courage, the heart and the liver to confront the snakes, the vultures and the hyenas of the ruling establishment.

Sani specifically said that the EFCC in addition to searching his houses and offices, also forced him to declare his assets even after he had done so with the Code of Conduct Bureau in accordance with the law after serving his term at the Senate in June 2019.

He said the EFCC tried severally to subject him to polygraph lie detector tests, adding that the agency blocked his accounts, seized his phone and kept him incommunicado in an underground cell for 30 days.

Sani however appealed to Nigerians of conscience to disregard the “concocted tissues of lies’ fabricated against him by the EFCC through its spokesperson.

He further said; “My incarceration for 30 days in the jail of the EFCC was unfair, unjust and a clear breach of my fundamental rights and hence stands condemned.

“During my unjust stay in the EFCC cell, I was subjected to traumatising interrogations; my houses and offices where searched.

“They compelled me to declare my assets, they tried to subject me to polygraph lie detector tests, my accounts were blocked, and my phone was seized, all in the name of fictional $24,000 or $25,000 extortion.”


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